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Limited Edition Scale Model

1/20 McLaren Honda MP4/7

Item No: 25171
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McLaren's 1992 Warrior
The MP4/7 made its racing bow at the Grand Prix in Brazil, 1992, its high-nosed body married to a new 3.5-liter V12 Honda RA122E/B engine. The car got the most out of the RA122E/B with innovations such as semi-automatic transmission and a drive by wire system that allowed sophisticated engine control. A.Senna's Grand Prix victories in Monaco, Hungary and Italy were complemented by teammate G.Berger's triumphs in Canada and Australia.

About the Model
★1/20 scale plastic assembly model kit of the 1992 car. ★Length: 226mm, Width: 107mm. ★The model accurately depicts the MP4/7, with one-piece front wing, nose cone and lower monocoque part. ★Rear wing includes integrated upper/lower slats and side plates. ★Details such as the V12 engine, horizontally placed transmission and side pontoons are all faithfully reproduced. ★Wheels are attached using highly realistic hex screws. ★Marking options included to depict A.Senna and G.Berger machines.

Product Packaging

Tamiya Color paints for painting the McLaren Honda MP4/7
Tamiya Color Item No.
TS-26 Pure White 85026
TS-36 Fluorescent Red 86536

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501
XF-1 Flat Black 81701 80301
X-2 White 81502
XF-4 Yellow Green 81704 80304
X-4 Blue 81504
XF-6 Copper 81706 80306
X-5 Green 81505
XF-7 Flat Red 81707 80307
X-7 Red 81507
XF-10 Flat Brown 81710 80310
X-10 Gun Metal 81510
XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511
XF-56 Metallic Grey 81756 80356
X-12 Gold Leaf 81512
XF-63 German Grey 81763 80363
X-18 Semi Gloss Black 81518
--- --- ---
X-27 Clear Red 81527
--- --- ---

Display your model of the MP4/7 as it deserves to be shown
Item 73004 Display Case C (240x130x110mm)

Information is correct as of June 2, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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