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1/24 Scale Sports Car Series No.350
Item No: 24350

Item image
Length: 194mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Author of a Thrilling Finale
The Mercedes-AMG GT3 was developed to GT3 class specifications, and has a strong presence in that cagtegory worldwide, facing off against rivals from fellow big names such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and more. The AMG GT production car is used as a base, and given an aluminum space frame, carbon fiber body components, a mammoth rear wing, rear diffuser, front spoiler and other racy upgrades. Power is provided by a monster 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V8 mounted in the front. In the Super GT 2018 season, the LEON CVSTOS AMG was raced in the GT300 class by K2 R&D LEON RACING. The team provided a season to remember with a dramatic last-gasp victory securing driver and team championships - the team's first, no less.

About the Model
★This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length; 198mm, width: 87mm. ★The long nose, short deck form is rendered with stunning accuracy. ★Features realistic depictions of interior and suspension. ★Mesh is used to recreate air intakes on front grille and more. ★Decals are included in the kit to recreate sponsor logos and designs including watch face motifs on hood and rear fenders.


★The breathtaking Mercedes-AMG GT3 form is captured in style, complete with complex rear diffuser shape.

★10-spoke wheels feature fantastic detail, including brake discs. Separate parts recreate center lock nuts.

★Details unique to this car are captured, including the roof rear GPS antenna position and fuel cap.

★Left: The plethora of memorable markings is recreated, including complex watch face-inspired designs in a nod to sponsor CVSTOS.

★Right: Metal-plated parts for front grille and light reflectors, etc. ensure that the model has a sharp, realistic finish.

★Left: The radiator fan is also recreated, and peeks out from inside the hood air duct to add a further level of realism.

★Right: In addition to the decal sheet, the kit also includes metal transfers for mirror surfaces and emblems, plus masking stickers.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/24 LEON CVSTOS AMG

Tamiya Color Spray Paint Tamiya Color Spray Paint
TS-14 Black TS-29 Semi gloss black
TS-76 Mica silver TS-79 Semi gloss clear

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint
LP-1 Black LP-5 Semi gloss black
LP-24 Semi gloss clear LP-69 Clear yellow

Tamiya Color Tamiya Color Tamiya Color
X-7 Red X-8 Lemon yellow X-11 Chrome silver
X-12 Gold leaf X-13 Metallic blue X-18 Semi gloss black
X-23 Clear blue X-24 Clear yellow X-27 Clear red
X-31 Titanium gold XF-1 Flat black XF-7 Flat red
XF-10 Flat brown XF-53 Neutral grey XF-63 German grey

★Useful tools in the construction of your model
Item 74046 Basic File Set (Medium Double-Cut)
Item 74112 Fine Pin Vise D-R (0.1-3.2mm)

★Get your decals done - definitively
Item 74052 Decal Tweezers
Item 87135 Mark Fit (Strong)

★Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73004 Display Case C

Information is correct as of June 5, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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