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1/24 Sports car series No.253 ITEM 24253

Honda Jazz Motorized

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(picture shows fully painted and assembled model).
Rear view Driver figure Chassis Steering system Clear parts

About the Honda Jazz
With a body not even reaching 4-meters, it features a large passenger compartment with seat arrangement that can be easily modified allowing 4 different configurations. This multi-arrangement called "Ultra seat" fits perfectly to every day life as it is ideal for shopping or for outdoor activities. Many innovations were incorporated such as a 4-cylinder 1.3l engine with low fuel consumption (can run 23km with 1 liter of fuel) and double ignition points coupled with a continuously variable transmission CVT which allowed the car to adapt to the road type and to procure smooth and comfortable acceleration. The Honda Jazz (Fit in Japan) acquired great popularity and thanks to it, was elected the car of the year 2000-2001 in Japan.

Auto-steering system
Auto-steering system Cam movement A shaft transfers the motor's power to front wheels for steering. Replacing the front wheel steering cam gives you the possibility to make your model execute figure-8 running pattern or zigzag running pattern.

Original Cam You can also create your original pattern by trimming the cam.

1. Read instruction manual thoroughly before deciding turn pattern.
2. First, cut diagnonally with side cutters.
3. Cut out to general shape with side cutters and file down to precision.

Check out this movie footage of the Honda Jazz Motorized running a figure-8 pattern!
Movie of running pattern You can even see the cam shaft automatically turning the front wheels!


MPEG1 320*240 pixel approx. 10sec. (850KB)
*After saving file to disk open with Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player
*Approx. 3mn. to download on a 64K modem

*Saving Without Opening File
About the model
1/24 scale assembly model kit of Honda Jazz Total length: 161mm Total width: 82mm Employs motor powered by one R03/AAA/UM4 battery. You can make the model execute figure-8 running pattern or zigzag running pattern by changing cam parts. Parts also provided for assembly of Japanese, right-side steering column version (you can chose assembly of left or right steering column). Clear-red parts for brake lights and gloss chrome-plated parts are included. Minimum parts with maximized precision allow realism to be obtained with ease.

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