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Masterwork Collection no.165
1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M (Finished Model)
Item No: 21165

Length: 172mm.

Legend: Evolved
1998 was a year to remember in motorcycling as Yamaha released the first YZF-R1; developed to provide thrilling speed on winding roads, it proved a highly popular bike. In 2015 the latest YZF-R1 model was released, designed with an evolved concept that would make it a more circuit-oriented bike. The range includes the YZF-R1M, which benefits from Yamaha's extensive MotoGP experience. It gets the most out of its 200hp 998cc 4-cylinder engine, with a class-leading electronics package to support the rider. A data logger and Communication Control Unit (CCU) record lap times and course information, while carbon fiber body cowls further boost performance.

About the Model
This is a factory finished 1/12 scale model. Length: 172mm, width: 68mm, height: 97mm. ★The compact and refined YZF-R1M form is captured with great accuracy. ★A detailed depiction of the 4-cylinder 998cc engine is screw-affixed to the frame. Sprocket, chain and bolts all have a fine paint job. ★Expertly mixed and applied colors give the model a truly realistic finish. ★The front cowl features separate parts depicting headlights, position lights and inner cowl. ★Synthetic rubber tires have authentic tread patterns. ★Comes with a display stand, and can also be displayed as is in the windowed package.

★Left: Carbon fiber decals are used on the front and side cowls, plus fenders for a highly authentic look.

★Right: Metallic stickers on the front fork further boosts the model's realism with accurate texture and appearance.

★Left: Front fork tops employ metal components, while cables are also rendered in a detailed cockpit section.

★Right: This image shows off the fine gradation achieved with burn depicted on the bike's exhaust.

Information is current as of August 6, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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