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Detail-Up Parts Series no.25
1/16 & 1/35 WWII German Military Insignia Decal Set
Item No: 12625

Image shows decals on 1/16 scale figurine (sold separately).
Exquisite Military Decals
This exquisite easy-to-use 1/16 and 1/35 German Military Insignia Decals add even more detail to your WWII German military figures. These decals cater for Luftwaffe airmen, Panzer troops, and Army personnel including rank decals for Officers such as General through to Non Commissioned Officers. In addition to the rank decals, the set also includes medallions and awards such as the Iron Cross and Infantry Assault Badges, Military Police armbands, left and right helmet coat of arms, armbands, and finally belt buckles round out the highly detailed set. These exquisite military decals are made by Cartograf.

About the Badges
During WWII, the German military forces wore various decorations and medals such as the Iron Cross continuing Prussian tradition and style, which could be easily seen on caps and uniforms.

Image shows decals on 1/35 model figurine (sold separately).
Painting of decorations and insignias such as lapel and epaulet badges of rank, decorations, and so on require great technical skill and time. These decals can now be easily and quickly applied adding exquisite detail to your figurines.
Decal Set
These vivid decorations, medals, and badges of rank all give the figurines a sharp finish.

Information is current as of July 16, 2008. Specifications are subject to change without notice.