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After working hard and finally completing your masterpiece, displaying the model in your your home and showing off to a limited number of people is one thing, but being able to show it to the whole world is another. Send in your masterpieces and Tamiya will place them on our website for the whole world to see. Any type of Tamiya model is fine, from static models to R/C cars. Whether your model has that perfect finish, a unique refiguring, or displays a fun concept, we would love to display it on our website. Of course first modelling challenges and models by children are also most welcome. Your masterpiece is waiting to be seen!

Taking photos using a digital camera

Before taking your photo, carefully choose the background. Taking the photo at a low angle gives the model a larger, more realistic presence.

Adjusting your photo's color or brightness using photo editing software can totally change your model's appearance.
Composite Images

Being able to add in a new background or combine different images into the one photo is one of the great things about digital images. Having your model plane soar through the sky, your classic F1 car compete against this year's world champion, or have you standing next to your model on a 1:1 scale, your imagination is your only limit. Who would have thought that completing the model is only the first step?

Here are some Pachi Digital examples

How to Send Us Your Image...
About the Model
Take a digital picture of your work and send the image to us.
The subject depicted in the image must be a Tamiya model.
Scale models, R/C cars, Dangun Racers, and any other genres are acceptable. Images depicting a combination of genres are also acceptable.
How to send
Attach your image to an email and send it to the following address:
Send the data in JPEG format with resolution of 72dpi and pixel size between 400x300 and 640x480.
Layout your email as follows (emails not conforming to the below layout will be promptly deleted):-
Only send 1 image per entry.
Comments about your model (in English or Japanese only) must be short and limited to approx 2-3 sentences.
The posting of images on the Pachi Digital page is at the sole discretion of Tamiya, Inc. Only selected entries will be posted.
Images with email or URL addresses will not be posted.

To Photo Gallery

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