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Tamiya Upcoming Releases
October 2021

[R/C Models]
 58696  1/10 R/C Super Avante (TD4)
 47465  1/10 R/C Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900 (Blue-Gray Painted Body) (CC-02)
 22009  Touring Car Ground Clearance Gauge
 56714  R/C TamTech-Gear Grasshopper Mini (GB-01S)
 22010  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Full Ball Bearing Set
 22011  TamTech-Gear GB-01S CVA Damper Set (4pcs.)
 22012  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Setting Spring Set
 22013  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Wheel Collar (Blue) & Bolt Set
 22014  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Aluminum Wheel Hubs (Blue/2pcs.)
 22017  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 2.6x29mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts (Blue/6pcs.)
 22018  TamTech-Gear GB-01S SC Tires (Front)
 22019  TamTech-Gear GB-01S SC Tires (Rear)
 22020  TamTech-Gear GB-01S Bumper Set
 22021  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 05 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (16T)
 22022  TamTech-Gear GB-01S 05 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (18T)

[Static Models]
 37029  1/35 Semovente M42 da75/34 German Army
 21171  1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP (Black) (Finished Model)

 69578  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Curve Section Set (Blue/Red, 4pcs. each)
 69579  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Lane Change & Extension Set (White)

[Tools & Paints]
 74163  Mini 4WD Cleaning Brush (w/Sticker Applicator)
 87212  Micro Nozzles for Tamiya CA Cement (2.5mm, 10pcs.)

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