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Tamiya Upcoming Releases
February 2021

[R/C Models]
 47456  1/10 R/C TB-05R Chassis Kit
 47457  1/10 R/C Fire Dragon (2020)
 58687  1/10 R/C Ford Escort Mk.II Rally (Painted Body) (MF-01X)
 48216  1/35 R/C Russian Medium Tank T-34-85 (w/Control Unit)
 42371  R/C Car Maintenance Stand (Blue)
 42372  39mm Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
 51665  M-Chassis 11-Spoke Wheels (Black, 4pcs.)
 54984  CC-02 Front Assembly Universal Shafts (Left/Right)
 54986  TC-01 Carbon Battery Holders
 45070  Tamiya Brushless Electronic Speed Controller 04SR (Sensored)

[Static Models]
 20069  1/20 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Olio Fiat
 24355  1/24 McLaren Senna
 32599  1/48 Russian Medium Tank T-34-85
 14024  1/12 Suzuki RG250Γ
 14029  1/12 Suzuki RG250 Γ with Full Options

 18098  Iron Beak (VZ)
 95599  Mini 4WD Multipurpose Tape (20mm Width/Black)
 95600  HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate for Super X Chassis (1.5mm)
 95601  HG Carbon Side Stays for AR Chassis (1.5mm)
 95605  Mini 4WD Car Catcher (Clear Green)
 95606  Lightweight Double Aluminum Rollers (13-12mm/Green)
 95607  HG Lightweight 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Green)
 95608  Adjustable Mass Dampers (2.5g Weights x6/Silver)

[Tools & Paints]
 69938  Modeler's Knife (Red)
 70239  Gear Set (42T/12T)
 70240  Gear Set (36T/12T)
 70241  Fun Sponge Tires

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