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Item No: 94683
Savanna Leo Black Special
1/32 Mini 4WD PRO Limited Edition Series

The markings applied on the all black body are unique only to this machine. The body uses semi-transparent smoke-colored ABS resin, and the black N-02 & T-01 units and black MS chassis are made of reinforced polycarbonate ABS resin for extra durability. Dark blue barrel tires are loaded onto the stylish large diameter lightweight wheels. ¦Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately). Length: 152mm

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Item No: 71124
Mechanical MammothiBobbing-Head Typej
Robocraft Series No.24

Once constructed, you can enjoy watching your Mammoth lumber along. Clear orange transparent body parts allow you to see the internal mechanisms at work. Simple construction. The trunk is movable. Motor included. ¦Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery (Sold separately). Length: 165mm.

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Item No: 15391
Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Seti11mm,15mmj
Grade Up Parts Series No.391

This set reduces your machines incline angle when cornering and improves stability. Can be used with 13mm and 19mm rollers. The stabilizer heads are made from a reinforced low friction resin.

Item No: 15393
Fluorine Coated Steel Bearingi4pcs.j
Grade Up Parts No.393

To ensure excellent durability, each steel bearing has been hardened and carefully made for an optimum finish. You can see the benefits the fluorine coating makes in reducing friction to moving parts to your Mini 4WD.

Item No: 15395
Mini 4WD Hex Mount Seti10mm,15mmj
Grade Up Parts Series No.395

This convenient set allows you to mount a set of rollers in a higher position or install two sets of FRP plates at one time. The hex mounts have screwable ends which allow for easy assembly and disassembly.

Limited Re-Release

Item No: 15206

Mini 4WD 2.0mm Hollow Propeller Shaft
(For Type 5/Super FM Chassis)

Grade Up Parts Series No.206

Item No: 87101
Tamiya CA Cement (Single-Use Type)
Finishing Materials Series No.101

The new packaging will allow you to freely use small amounts of cement without the worry of using or wasting too much. Can be used with plastic, metal, and synthetic rubber. Each tube contains 0.5g. 5 tubes are included in each set.

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Item No: 87102
Mark Fit
Finishing Materials Series No.102

Mark Fit will soften your markings which will allow you to apply them to difficult to apply areas such as bumpy and curved surfaces providing an improved finished to your model. A convenient brush is included. 40ml.

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Item No: 74085
R/C Tool Set (8pcs.)
Craft Tools Series No.85

This tool kit will let you easily assemble your R/C machine. Includes a screwdriver,
M & L sized plus drivers, 5.5mm & 7mm box wrench, and 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm hex wrenches.

Item No: 74086
Modeling Drill Chuck
Craft Tools Series No.86

This is the perfect tool for all scale, R/C, and Mini 4WD users. Making use a breeze is the included easy handling grip. It is possible to use drill bits from 1.5mm to 6.5mm diameter in size.

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