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Item No: 94676
Mini 4WD New Year's Limited Edition "Year of the Ox 2009"
Limited Edition Mini 4WD

In the lunar calendar, 2009 is the Year of the Ox, and you can usher in the new year with this Mini 4WD machine. Comes with stickers that have an ox motif and also an ox figurehead for a driver. White-colored body is based on the popular Fox Jr. Type 1 chassis comes with yellow wheels equipped with slick tires.

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Item No: 15378
Offset Tread Tires (Soft/Clear)
Grade-Up Parts No.378

These new Offset Tread Tires allow you to set your tire tread position to better prepare your vehicle for the track. Soft-type tires provide excellent grip for cornering and acceleration.

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Item No: 94671
Neo Falcon White Special
Mini 4WD Limited Edition

Limited edition version of the Neo Falcon features a white body on a white chassis. Body is made from a semi-translucent ABS material and comes with a special sticker sheet. Lightweight center chassis is matched with fiberglass-reinforced N-02 and T-01 units.

Item No: 94678
Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (Two-Level Lane Change) plus Nitro Force & Avante X
Limited Edition Mini 4WD

Convenient set includes both a two-lane circuit and two finished Mini 4WD machines to help get your racing career started at home. Circuit is made of 15 sections and has a finished size of about 216cm X 120cm. Just pop in some separately required batteries and you are ready to roll.

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Item No: 15383
Mini 4WD F Grease (Fluoropolymer Compound)

High-peformance grease contains PTFE particles which help to greatly reduce rotation friction. Can operate effectively in a wide range of temperatures. Comes in an aluminum tube containing 3g of grease.

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Item No: 74084
Bending Pliers mini (For Photo-Etched Parts)
Craft Tools Series No.84

Features a shorter and narrower tip to make it easier to work with small parts. Helps achieve precise bends on delicate photo-etched parts. Comfortable grip is made from a soft ABS resin.

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3mm Screw Set (60mm, 100mm)
Item No.70180
3mm Screw Set (30mm, 40mm, 50mm)
Item No.70181
Threaded Shaft Set (3mm Dia., 4mm Dia.)
Item No.70182
TS-83 Metallic Silver
Item No.85083
TS-84 Metallic Gold
Item No.85084
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