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Item No:24308
1/24 Car Series No.308
Low and wide ground-hugging form of the actual race car accurately reproduced. Separately-molded roof section is metal-plated for greater realism. The different sized wheels (Front: 18in. Rear: 17in.) have also been carefully replicated. High-quality Cartograf decals.

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Item No:12629
1/24 Nissan GT-R (R35) GT Version Photo-Etched Parts Set
Detail-Up Parts Series No.29

In addition to parts to depict front and rear brake discs, hood catch pins, etc., this set also includes seatbelt stickers. Metal exhaust tips and antenna base are also included.

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Item No:16033
1/6 Honda CB1100R(B)
1/6 Motorcycle Series No.33

High-quality assembly kit of the Honda CB1100R(B), which was based on the RS1000 endurance race bike. Large scale means a superb level of detail. Kit includes new racing stand parts and Cartograf decals.

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Item No:35294
1/35 Italian Self-Propelled Gun Semovente M40
1/35 Military Miniature Series No.294

High-quality assembly kit of the Semovente M40, which was widely regarded as the best Italian AFV in the North African Front. Assembly-type tracks and new parts such as tools and muffler cover enhance realism. Photo-etched parts included to depict emblems and the anti-aircraft machine gun's gunsight. 2 figures and 3 types of markings also included.

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Item No:35296
1/35 Italian Medium Tank Carro Armato M13/40
1/35 Military Miniature Series No.296

The first Italian AFV in the 1/35 MM Series gets a makeover with new modern features to make it an even more desirable model. New parts include metal gun barrel, assembly-type tracks, tools and muffler cover for enhanced realism. Small details such as the anti-aircraft machine gun's gunsight are depicted with photo-etched parts. 2 figures and 3 types of markings also included.

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Item No:61104
1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190 F-8/9 w/Bomb Loading Set
1/48 Aircraft Series No.104

This kit features new parts to enable modelers to build either an F-8 or F-9 variant. Comes with bomb loading cart, SC250 and AB250 bombs, wheel chocks, as well as 2 maintenance crew figures. The F-9 variant's broader propeller blades and 14-fin cooling fan are also included. Choose from 3 types of distinctive markings.

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Item No:89782
1/48 German 3TON 4x2 Cargo Truck Kfz.305
Limited Edition Scale Model

A collaboration effort sees Italeri's Kfz.305 kit coming in a new Tamiya-designed package. Modelers can choose between an open or covered cargo area when assembling. Rubber tires enhance the model's realism. 4 kinds of decals included. šModel is product of Italeri.

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Item No:21073
1/48 Fieseler Fi156C Storch (Finished Model)
1/48 Masterwork Collection No.73

Professionally-finished model allows collectors to appreciate the shape of this unique aircraft straight from the box. Markings depict the aircraft belonging to the famous "Desert Fox," Field Marshal Rommel. Includes seated figures to depict the pilot and Field Marshal Rommel.

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