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November 2008

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[R/C Models]
1/10 R/C Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '07 (DF-03Ra)
1/10 R/C XB Rising Fighter
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 3.5T
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 6.5T
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 7.5T
High Performance ESC Volac Brushless
4 other TRF Parts
Spare Parts (6 items)
Option Parts (8 items)
R/C Limited Edition (1 item)

[Scale Models]
1/24 Nissan GT-R (R-35) GT Version Photo-Etched Parts Set
1/6 Honda CB1100R (B)
1/35 Italian Self-Propelled Gun Semovente M40
1/35 Italian Medium Tank Carro Armato M13/40
1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190 F-8/9 w/Bomb Loading Set
1/48 German 3ton 4x2 Cargo Truck Kfz.305
1/48 Fieseler Fi156C Storck (Finished Model)

Mini 4WD New Year's Limited Edition "Year of the Ox 2009"
Offset Tread Tires (Soft/Clear)
Neo Falcon White Special
Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (Two-Level Lane Change) plus Nitro Force & Avante X
Mini 4WD F Grease (Fluoropolymer Compound)

[Tools & Paints]
Bending Pliers mini (For Photo-Etched Parts)
Construction Materials (3 items)
Tamiya Spray Paints (2 items)

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[R/C Models] [Scale Models] [Kids, Tools & Paints]