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item No:23206
1/12 Porsche Carrera GT Semi-Assembled Premium Model
Tamiya offers a second super luxury model in the spirit of our hugely successful 1/12 Enzo Ferrari. This high quality replica painstakingly reproduces every detail of the full-size Porsche, while semi-assembled style means even non-modelers will have no difficulty putting it together. Be the first one on your block to own a Porsche Carrera GT!
1/12 scale semi-assembled display model of Porsche's Carrera GT super sportscar. Overall length: 385mm, overall width: 160mm, overall height: 97mm. Durable die-cast suspension arms combine with working dampers and stabilizers for real-action suspension. Turn steering wheel and front wheels actually move. Metal hinged doors, hood and rear cowl open realistically to display fully detailed interior, luggage compartment, V10 engine and surrounding monocoque frame.

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item No:24285
1/24 Peugeot 307 WRC Monte Carlo '05
Introducing the 1/24 scale Peugeot 307, which put in a strong showing at the 2005 World Rally Championship. Model accurately depicts flowing coupe-style body lines and rear spoiler with vertical fin, as well as interior packed with racing equipment.
Overall length: 181mm Diecast lower chassis for enhanced weight and realism Kit includes mesh cover for front hood air outlets, while metal transfers reproduce side mirrors and rear Peugeot emblem.

Main paints required : TS-49 Bright Red, TS-26 Pure White

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item No:12607
1/24 Peugeot 307 WRC Photo-Etched Parts Set
Tamiya continues to support our high quality model kits with equally high quality detail-up part sets. Precision crafted photo-etched parts are just what the doctor ordered to bring your models up to the next level of detail and accuracy.
Set includes: photo-etched brake disc, radiator core, mesh for front hood air outlet, front hood catch-pin, seat belt buckles Seat belts and name plate

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item No:24284
1/24 Ferrari F40 Competizione MonteShell
This is a variation model of the very popular 1/24 scale Ferrari F40, based on the Competizione MonteShell racing version which powered to victory at the 1993 Italian GP Championship.
Overall length: 187mm kit features added GT racing parts (wheels, disks, side mirrors, fire extinguishers, race computer) Includes photo-etched parts for extra realism (disk rotor, front/rear tow hooks, side/rearview mirrors, shift gate, intercooler surface, oil cooler surface, heat shield plate, rear mesh) High quality Cartograf decals add perfect icing to the cake

Main paints required : TS-26 Pure White, TS-16 Yellow

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item No:12608
1/24 NISMO Dress-Up Parts Set (R34 GT-R)
Tamiya continues to support our high quality model kits with equally high quality detail-up part sets. In addition to precision crafted photo-etched parts, Tamiya's Detail-Up Parts Series offers high quality detailing parts made from a variety of materials. Use this parts set to dressup your 1/24 NISMO Skyline GT-R (V-spec) ITEM 24210 or 1/24 NISMO GT-R V-spec II (ITEM 24258) with NISMO parts.
White plastic 5-spoke wheels, large diameter brake disks, large diameter muffler end, steering wheel and side skirt parts for the low-down look NISMO Stripe decals

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item No:35281
1/35 German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.B
After debuting to great acclaim in our 1/48 MM Series, the popular Sturmgeschutz III (StuG III) Ausf. B now makes its way to the 1/35 MM Series. With its short barreled cannon and squat, formidable hull shape, the 1/35 StuG III promises to offer boxful of modeling satisfaction.
Overall length: 157mm Includes fully detailed accessories to mount onto fender for full accuracy. Precision detailing right down to the loading device and wireless radio inside compartment. Comes with aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched mesh cover for engine air intake. Employs swing-arm type suspension. Includes 3 sets of markings and 1 commander figure.

Main paints required : TS-4 German Gray

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item No:32522
1/48 German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther Late Version
Adding to our great selection of 1/48 scale German AFVs, Tamiya introduces the Jagdpanther Late Version. Line next to the Panther G and Hetzer for an awesome display of German armored power in the late-WWII period.
Overall length: 203mm Excellent detailing captures weld marks on armor plates and surface texture of gun mantlet Choice of exhaust pipes with standard cast base, or with flash suppressors and deflecting nozzles. Parts to build crew compartment heating unit also included Die-cast lower hull for extra weight and enhanced realism Choice of 3 sets of markings

Main paints required : TS-3 Dark Yellow, XF-61 Dark Green, XF-64 Red Brown

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item No:32523
1/48 U.S. M4 A1 Sherman Tank
Introducing a variant of the Allied M4 Sherman Tank, further increasing modeling possibilities. Known to the British as the Sherman II, the U.S. M4A1 Sherman Tank featured a cast upper hull and turret that gave it easily-recognizable rounded body lines. Build one together with the M4 Sherman Early Production for an interesting view of the contrasting styles.
Overall length: 119mm Loads of optional parts include 3-piece or 1-piece bolted transmission housing, square or round air cleaners, early model drive sprocket wheel and narrow or wide gun shield allowing construction of any number of variant versions Pre-coated die-cast lower hull for added weight and realism Small detailing such as accessories come pre-molded to upper hull for easy assembly. Comes with 3 sets of markings.

Main paints required : TS-5 Olive Drab

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item No:32524
1/48 German PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.L
We figured it couldn't be too long before the popular Pz.Kpfw.III made it to the 1/48 MM Series! This model joins the Tiger I, Pz.Kpfw.IV and Panther G as the latest German battle tank to arrive in the compact and detailed 1/48 scale.
Overall length: 128mm Exquisitely molded model masterfully depicts Panzer III's distinctive front end and gun mantlet equipped with auxiliary armor plating Tank treads are assembly type, with straight upper and lower treads made of single piece for easy assembly Die-cast lower hull for extra weight and enhanced realism Commander's cupola hatch made from separate parts. Use with separately available figure for increase display options Choice of 3 sets of markings

Main paints required : TS-3 Dark Yellow, XF-61 Dark Green, TS-4 German Gray

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item No:61096
1/48 Republic P-47M Thunderbolt
Following the release of 1/48 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt "Razorback" and "Bubbletop" versions, Tamiya further increases the range of choices available to modelers with the development of the P-47M. New parts include vertical dorsal fin, air brakes, cockpit parts and new markings.
Overall length: 230mm New parts for depicting late-war P-47M include 1: Choice of 3 types of vertical dorsal tail fin. 2: Air bakes fitted under wings, behind landing gear, with landing lights relocated to wing tips. 3: Flat type cockpit floor, instrument panel, rudder pedal and side walls made from new parts. 4: Decelerator located on engine front 2 all-new sets of markings based on dark-blue/blue patterned camouflage used by the 56th Fighter Group of the 8th Air Force. Kit also includes all parts necessary to build P-47M or P-47D Bubbletop versions with or without dorsal tail fins, vastly increasing modeling options.

Main paints required : AS-12 Silver Metal

item No:21037
1/24 Motul Pitwork Z (Finished Model)
Tamiya releases the No. 22 Motul Pitwork Z, winner of the 4th round of the 2004 JGTC, held in Hokkaido Japan. The Motul Pitwork Z joins finished models of previous JGTC cars, the 2004 NISMO Z, the 2003 Xanavi NISMO GT-R and the 2003 Calsonic Skyline GT-R. Display these machines together for an impressive JGTC replica collection.
Fully assembled 1/24 model of the 2004 Motul Pitwork Z, with paint and markings pre- applied. Features die-cast under panel with realistic diffusers for extra weight and realism. Markings depict the No.22 Motul Pitwork Z driven by M. Kageyama and M. Krumm. for easy assembly Comes with special display stand with nameplate.

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item No:21044
1/32 F-16C Thunderbirds(Finished Model)
This variation of last year's popular 1/32 F-16CJ model is a replica of the specially modified F-16C Block 32 flown by the Thunderbirds, the United States Air Force Stunt Flying Team. Reliable Tamiya accuracy depicts the engine and cockpit differences with F-16CJ, while high-quality decals capture the plane's colorful markings. Special adjustable display stand included.
High quality replica accurately depicts Block 32's characteristics like smaller air intake, wingtip launchers, engine nozzle, cockpit. Comes with large display stand to depict the Thunderbird F-16 in flight. Includes exquisitely detailed cockpit interior and figure depicting pilot of plane No. 1 of the 2005 season.

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item No:64331
2006 Tamiya Aircraft Calendar
Tamiya's much-loved Aircraft Calendar is ready for 2006! Featuring choice selections from our exquisite box art, this high quality calendar makes the perfect gift for modelers, history buffs or aviation enthusiasts.
Each month features 1 of 12 different box art illustrations from our aircraft model series, together with a Japanese/English paragraph on the history and specifications of the airplane depicted.

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