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*Battery and charger not included.
XB Porsche Carrera GT
Overall length=437mm

1/10 XB Series No.28

Tamiya introduces the stunning Porsche Carrera GT to the popular XB series. The style and cool design of the ultimate Porsche sports car combined with a pre-painted body and a preassembled high quality TT-01 chassis. Features Urethane Bumper M and specially designed replica wheels. Comes with high performance Expec R/C system (batteries and charger sold separately). By replacing crystals, up to 6 cars can be run at the same time.
Item 57728 *Equipped with a TEU-101BK speed control.

R/C Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo. (TT-01 Chassis)
Overall length=448mm

1/10 R/C Car Series No.323

The Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo now available on the high performance TT-01 chassis. The TT-01 is an easy to assemble lightweight chassis perfect for beginners. Featuring loads of separately available option parts, you can upgrade your TT-01 chassis to suit your developing R/C skills and knowledge. Features Urethane Bumper M and new window stickers.
Item 58323

Feldmarschall Rommel & German Infantryman
(Reversible Winter Uniform)

Overall height=52mm

1/35 Scale Model (Limited Edition)

Tamiya releases two popular 1/16 scale figures to the 1/35 scale MM Series. High quality 1/35 scale figures featuring all the intricate detail of the 1/16 scale original. Rommel figure can be assembled with arms behind his back or holding binoculars. German infantryman wears distinctive German reversible winter uniform. Infantryman comes with full accessories including MP44, magazine pouches, collapsible shovel and gas mask case.
Item 89629

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