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Tamiya Polishing Compound (Coarse)
Finishing Materials
Recommended to be used after sanding with 1,000 grit or higher finishing abrasive, this coarse compound features outstanding polishing capabilities. Perfect for preparing surfaces for painting or smoothing down bumps or uneven surfaces.
Item 87068

Tamiya Polishing Compound (Fine)
Finishing Materials
This all purpose compound is great for further smoothing surfaces after using Tamiya Polishing Compound (Coarse), smoothing down undercoats, or polishing surfaces after painting.
Item 87069

Tamiya Polishing Compound (Finish)
Finishing Materials
Produced using special production techniques, this high grade polishing compound provides a perfectly smooth, glossy finish. Great for plane canopies or polishing cars after painting.
Item 87070

1/25 Metal Figures (Limited Edition Scale Models)
Item 89624 ---------------------------------German MG34 Machine Gunner
Item 89625 ---------------------------------German Panzer Grenadier With Rifle
Item 89626 ---------------------------------German Wehrmacht Squad Leader
Item 89627 ---------------------------------German Artillery Officer

1/50 Japanese Aircraft Series (Limited Edition Scale Models)
Item 60510 ---------------------------------Type99 Japanese Navy Carrier Dive-Bomber (Val)
Item 60511 ---------------------------------Mitsubishi Type-0 Observation Seaplane (Pete)

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