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FET Speed Controller TEU-302BK
Tamiya R/C System No.28
A compact forward/reverse running electronic speed controller (ESC) featuring a high frequency wave drive system. Three types of current flow adjuster, adjustment of maximum forward and reverse throttle trigger settings, and reverse cancellation can be controlled via transmitter and ESC operation. Compatible with down to 23 turn stock motors. Transmitters from other makers can also be used.
Item 45028

Tamiya Modeling Brush Basisc Set
Finishing Materials No.66
This Basic Set is aimed at the beginner modeler. A perfect first-time modeling paintbrush set for those just starting out in the modeling world. The set features Tamiya Flat Brush No. 3, Flat Brush No. 1 and Pointed Brush (Small).
Item 87066

Tamiya Modeling Brush HF Standard Set
Finishing Materials No.67
The HF Standard Set is for those who wish to gain a more beautiful and impressive finish on their model, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts. Comes with High Finish Flat Brush No.0, High Finish Flat Brush No.2 and High Finish Pointed Brush (Ultra Fine). Brushes employ special plastic hair suitable for model painting.
Item 87067

German Armored Car Sd.Kfz.222
Overall length=134mm

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.270
Throughout WWII, Germany carried out an extensive program of armored vehicle development, deploying a vast range of armored vehicles to the front line. Amongst these vehicles, the compact 4WD Sd.Kfz.222 remains one of the most famous and popular. 4WD chassis with fully independent suspension and optional 4-wheel steering is exactly reproduced. Photo etched parts are provided for more realistic replication of the hatch. Turned aluminum gun barrel for 20mm main gun. Jerry cans and drum cans for diorama. Totally new decal markings based on the latest historical research. Comes with one figure
Item 35270

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