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Finished model
1/35 German Tiger I Early Production
Finished Model with Metal Tracks

Masterwork Collection No.3
Tamiya presents 1/35 scale completed military miniature models crafted down to the finest of details for incredible realism and incorporating metallic tracks for an incredibly powerful look. Areas such as engine grills are reproduced with photo etched parts and cannon muzzle brakes will be reproduced in machined aluminum parts.
Item 21003

Finished model
1/35 German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G Early Version
Finished Model with Metal Tracks

Masterwork Collection No.4
The German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. G Early Version gets paired with the power of metal tracks. This model come pre-painted and pre-marked. Features metal parts to push realism even further.
Item 21004

Die-cast finished model Honda S800 (White, Red, Yellow, Light Blue)
1/20 Collector's Club Series No.10, 11, 14, 15
The "S" series established an unrivaled reputation in the Japanese sports car category during the 60's. Tamiya re-releases the popular 1/20 scale Honda S800 die-cast model in brand new color variations for a classic with an all-new look. The bonnet can be opened and closed thanks to hinges in order to display the accurately reproduced DOHC engine.
Item 23010, 23011, 23014, 23015

Die-cast semi-assembled model M1025 Humvee NATO/Desert Version
(Semi-Assembled Die-Cast Model)

1/20 Collector's Club Series No.7, 13
Tamiya presents a semi-assembled die-cast model of the M1025 Humvee used by the US Army and the Marine Corps. The bonnet, the cargo door and the hatch on the roof can be opened and closed. A 7.62mm M60 machinegun and a Mk.19 grenade launcher to be attached on the roof turret are included. You have the choice between the NATO version with its 3-color camouflage or the Desert version, which features a sand color camouflage.
Item 23007, 23013

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