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Robocraft Series

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This series consists mainly of robots with mechanical and unique movement realized via motor. Colored clear body and clear gearbox enable demonstration of mechanical functions. Tools are supplied and no cement is required for easy assembly. Rubber tubing allows easy wiring. The see-through look, itself makes these models quite cool-looking ornaments. Motor included. Requires one R6/AA/UM3 or R03/AAA/UM4 size battery (separately available)
ITEM 71117
Sliding Ladybug
(Vibrating Action)

ITEM 71118
2-Channel Remote
Control Rhinoceros
ITEM 71119
2-Channel Remote
Control Stag Beetle

ITEM 71120
2-Channel Remote
Control Insect
Dueling Set
ITEM 71121
2-Legged Walking Robot w/Wind-Up Generator

ITEM 71122
4-Legged Walking Robot Control Rhinoceros w/Wind-Up Generator
ITEM 71123
Sumo Wrestler Robot w/Wind-Up Generator

ITEM 71124
Mechanical Mammoth (Bobbing-Head Type)

ITEM 71125
Mechanical Fish
(Tail Fin Swimming Action)
ITEM 71126
Mechanical Swimmer (3 in 1)

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