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Regarding the Use of Tamiya Color Enamel paints X-12 and XF-6

Products concerned
Item 80012 X-12 Gold leaf
Item 80306 XF-6 Copper

As the two colors listed above recreate metallic tones, their composition differs from other enamel paints. Please read and understand the information below before their use.

šWhen thinning with enamel thinner
Only thin to a standard brush painting level - excessive thinning can lead to permanent separation of pigment and thinner. These paints are not suitable for airbrushing.

šCleaning brushes, etc.
Please use Tamiya Laqcuer Thinner products (Item 87077 or Item 82110). Enamel thinner may not fully remove paint residue.

šWiping away paint
Also use Tamiya Lacquer Thinner (see above) when wiping paint off of your model. Enamel thinner may not fully remove paint.
*If painting multiple layers, lacquer thinner may also remove undercoats. Use with caution.

Information is current as of September 14, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.