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English translation of Tamiya Mokei No Shigoto
Item No. 64304

Published by Kodansha International Ltd., 242 pages

Company President Shunsaku Tamiya's novel, Tamiya Mokei No Shigoto, has at last been translated into English. The book traces Tamiya's development from its humble origins as a small wooden-model maker to its expansion into the production of plastic models, R/C models, and Mini-4WD models. The author takes the reader through the various episodes of Tamiya history while delving into the facts behind the development of the Waterline Series, F-1 Series and other hit product lines. The book also features beautiful color photographs of classic products from the Tamiya archives.

Rich color photographs to enrich your understanding
Color photos Photos include model classics such as the 1/12 scale Honda F-1 and the Porsche 934 turbo R/C car. The book also includes photos of recently popular models such as the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter and the 1/16 scale Tiger I Early Production. These pictures capture the best of the old and the new.

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