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All Japan Model & Hobby Show

★Below is a list of items planned for exhibition by Tamiya at the 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show to be held on September 29 & 30, 2018.
★Click here for main event page on the Tamiya website

★Click here for the official event website. (Japanese only)

Products planned for display
Scale Models
  • 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I (Tentative)
  • 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car
  • 1/35 U.S. Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan (Vietnam War)
  • 1/35 Scale U.S. M551 Sheridan Metal Gun Barrel Set (Tentative)
  • 1/35 U.S. MCI Cartons (Vietnam War)
  • 1/35 German Tank Panther Ausf.D Special Edition
  • 1/35 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J Special Edition
  • 1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 MCV Metal Gun Barrel
  • 1/35 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-85
  • 1/35 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122
  • 1/35 T34/85 Russian Medium Tank
  • 1/35 Russian Tank KV-1B Model 1940 w/Applique Armor
  • 1/24 Nissan 370Z Heritage edition
  • 1/12 Suzuki GSX750S New Katana
  • 1/10 R/C Comical Grasshopper (WR-02CB)
  • 1/10 XB Comical Grasshopper (WR-02CB)
  • 1/10 R/C Ferrari 312 T3 (F104W)
  • 1/18 R/C King Yellow 6x6 (Painted Body) (G6-01)
  • 1/10 R/C TT-02RR Chassis Kit
  • 1/10 R/C TA07 MS Chassis Kit
  • 1/35 R/C Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 10 Tank (w/Control Unit)
  • 1/10 R/C Isuzu mu Type X Black Metallic (CC-01)
  • 1/10 R/C First Try R/C Kit TT-02B Chassis w/Neo Scorcher Body
  • T3-01 B Parts (Front Fork) (Plated)
  • T3-01 Rear Wide Semi-Slick Tires (2pcs.)
  • T3-01 Wheels for Rear Wide Semi-Slick Tires (Chrome Plated, 2pcs.)
  • T3-01 Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires (2pcs.)
  • T3-01 Wheels for Rear Wide Pin Spike Tires (Chrome Plated, 2pcs.)
  • T3-01 Full Ball Bearing Set
  • T3-01 Aluminum Adjustable Link Arm Set
  • T3-01 Front Caramel Block Tire
  • 1/8 Scale R/C Dancing Rider Lightweight Body Parts Set
  • T3-01 Battery Case
  • TB-05 Carbon Reinforced Lower Deck
  • TB-05 Carbon Reinforced K Parts (Stiffeners)
  • Urethane Bumper XL (Black) (TT-02, TT-01 Type-E)
  • TB-05 Carbon Reinforced T Parts (Steering)
  • TT-02B Reinforced Gear Covers & Lower Suspension Arms (2pcs.)
  • DT-03 Reinforced M Parts (Damper Stay Mount)
  • On Road Racing Truck H Parts (Chrome Plated)
  • Marking Stickers (for 1/14 R/C On Road Racing Trucks) (Tentative)
  • TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid (Polycarbonate Body) (MA Chassis)
  • Mini Avante Jr. 30th Anniversary Special
  • Mini 4WD Compact Bag (Blue)
  • Aero Manta Ray Black Special (AR Chassis)
  • Mini 4WD Owl Racer GT
  • Fighter Magnum VFX Premium (Super-II Chassis)
  • Dancing Divine Doll (MA Chassis)
  • DCR-02 (MA Chassis)
  • DCR-02 Body Parts Set (Gun Metal)
  • Synchro-Master Z9
  • Avante Mk.III Red Special
  • Liberty Emperor Premium (Super-II Chassis)
  • Manta Ray Mk.II White Special
  • Thunder Shot Mk.II Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)
  • Avante Mk.III Azure Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body)
  • FRP Rear Brake Stay Set
  • Mini 4WD Motor Case 2 (Smoke Colored)
  • Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (2-Level Lane Change) plus Cyclone Magnum Prem. & Hurricane Sonic Prem.
  • Mini 4WD Japan Cup Junior Circuit Bank-Approach 20 (Orange)
  • HG 19mm Tapered Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless)
  • HG Carbon Front Stay for Fully Cowled Mini 4WD (1.5mm)
  • HG Round Hole Ball Bearings (4pcs.)
  • Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (11mm, 15mm) (Blue)
  • Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (17mm) (Blue)
  • 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (6 Spokes)
  • 19mm Aluminum Rollers (5 Spokes) w/Plastic Rings (Pink)
  • Slimline Mass Damper Set (Silver)
  • Stainless Steel Screw Set (15/20/25/30mm) (Black)
  • 2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Gold, 5pcs.)
  • 2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Dark Blue, 5pcs.)
  • 2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Pink, 5pcs.)
  • Mini 4WD Setting Gauge (Gold)
  • Large Dia. Narrow Fiberglass Wheels & Arched Tires (Fluorescent Pink)
Tools & Paints
  • Chain-Program Robot
  • Modeler's Knife (Dark Yellow)
  • Modeler's Knife (Olive Drab)
  • Tamiya Cutting Mat a (A3 Half-Size/Blue)
  • Modeler's Side Cutter a (Purple)
  • Fine Engraving Blade 0.15mm
  • Paint Retarder (Lacquer)
  • Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Gray) (Tentative)

※Display items may change without notice.

Please note that this is a tentative list, and the actual items on display - as well as their official names - may change without notice.
Information is correct as of September 6, 2018.

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