top 楽しい工作インフォメーション 第56回 静岡ホビーショーに「カムプログラムロボット工作セット」を参考出品

第56回 静岡ホビーショーに「カムプログラムロボット工作セット」を参考出品

Educational Construction Series
CAM-PROGRAM ROBOT (Item 70227)※Release date: to be confirmed ※Images show prototype.


This assembly kit creates a robot whose movement can be programmed by the use of cam parts. The dual motors power triangular tracks and left/right arms in unison. Cams are inserted into the central program bar, and as the bar is pushed through the model by internal gears, the position of the cams is translated to the steering legs, which are lifted off the surface and cause the robot’s motion to change. ★Length: 136mm. ★Program bars give approximately 35 seconds of movement and can be joined together for longer patterns. ★Kit includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.

画像 カムを差し込んだプログラムバーをロボットの中央にセット
Insert the program bar into the robot.
画像 カムの配列によってロボットの走行パターンを設定できます。
Cam positions give movement commands to the robot.

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