1/700 Japanese Battleship Yamato (Finished Model)
History's Largest Battleship
Commissioned in December 1941, the Yamato possessed a displacement of over 64,000 tons and measured 256m long at waterline, making her the largest battleship ever constructed. The Yamato's key features were her nine 46cm main guns, which had a maximum range of 41km and were controlled by the antenna and rangefinder located on the bridge. Additional armament included 15.5cm secondary guns, as well as a variety of anti-aircraft guns added later. She was able to catapult-launch Mitsubishi F1M observation seaplanes from her deck to further increase her advantage in naval gun battles. The Yamato first served in the Battle of Midway, but did not fire her huge guns until October 1944 when she sunk the U.S. destroyer Hoel in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This would be the only time she fired her main guns in combat, as she was sunk by U.S. planes on her way to Okinawa in April 1945.
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About the Model:
Fully assembled and professionally finished 1/700 scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato.
Enjoy extraordinary WWII naval technology with all aspects of the Yamato including main guns, secondary guns, flared bow and side armor reproduced in immaculate detail.
Model represents Yamato as configured for her final mission to Okinawa.
Main guns and secondary guns are moveable.
Mitsubishi F1M observation seaplanes (Pete) included as accessories.
Comes with a beautifully finished wooden display stand.
Overall length: 367mm

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