1/35 Scale M2A2 Bradley (Finished Model)
Click to enlarge U.S. Infantry's Trusty Steed
Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles have served with U.S army units around the globe since 1983, most recently on the front lines in Iraq where armored columns of M2 Bradleys and M1 Abrams tanks spearheaded U.S. units as they entered Baghdad. The Bradley's major strength is its versatility in combining excellent mobility with superior firepower and defensive ability. The M2 Bradley has gone through numerous improvements, with the M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Storm) being based on lessons learned in the 1991 Gulf War. The formidable M2 Bradley features thick armor plating and is armed with 25mm main gun and TOW missile launcher. Now feel the power with Tamiya's fully finished 1/35 scale M2 Bradley model; the newest addition to our Masterwork Collection Series.
About the Model: Fully painted and pre-assembled M2A2 ODS Bradley with all markings applied. Markings and desert sand coloring represent vehicle serving with the 3rd Armored Infantry Division in Iraq. Main gun reproduced using lathe turned metal. Inner half of road wheels made from metal for extra weight. Accessories include personnel equipment like alice packs and sleeping bags. Overall length: 193mm

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