1/35 Scale German Tiger I Early Production (Turret No.S33) Finished Model With Metal Tracks
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The Battle of Kursk took place in 1943, with a massive man-force of over 2million German and Soviet soldiers. Noted as the largest tank battle in history, it was to become one of the major turning points of WWII. Featuring 100mm thick armor and a massive 80mm main cannon, the Tiger I served as the main battle tank for the German forces during this historic battle, facing fierce fighting from Soviet T-34 and KV-1 tanks. This model represents S33 tank of the 2nd Elite Panzer Division, 8th Company.
About the Model:A beautifully finished 1/35 scale fully assembled model of a Tiger I tank which took part in the Battle of Kursk, 1943. Model combines intricately detailed plastic parts from Tamiya's Military Miniature Series with metal tracks, aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched grille. Pre-painted in dark yellow and green camouflage. Distinctive "lucky charm" markings of the S33 pre-applied to turret. Includes 1 commander figure. Overall length: 241.5mm

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