1/350 U.S. Battleship BB-63 Missouri Finished Model
Click to enlarge The Return of "Mighty Mo"
The Iowa class battleships were the largest and final great battleships of the US Navy. Of the 4 completed, the BB-63 Missouri remains today the most historically significant. Commissioned in 1944, the USS Missouri, or "Mighty Mo", boasted an amazing output of 212,000hp. For her main armament, she had three turrets of 50 caliber 40.6cm Mk7 triple guns, ten turrets of 38 caliber 12.7cm Mk28 double guns, twenty turrets of 40mm quadruple guns and forty-nine 20mm machine guns. After taking part in many significant battles, including the Iwo Jima landings, she bombarded the Japanese mainland and capital before entering Tokyo Bay on August 29, 1945. On September 2, on 01 deck, the Japanese signed their unconditional surrender bringing an official close to WWII and ensuring the Missouri her place in history. The Missouri also participated in the Korean and Gulf War.
About the Model:A beautifully finished model of the historically significant BB-63 Missouri, the U.S. battleship used as the site for the signing of Japan's unconditional surrender. Narrow body and upper deck have been reproduced with plastic parts. For extra detailing model features lathed metal cannons for main guns and photo etched parts for railings, radar etc. Comes with a beautifully finished display base with metal plate. A specially designed acrylic display case is also available (sold separately). Overall length: 772mm

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