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Mini 4WD Grade-Up Parts

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With this wide range of Grade-Up Parts to improve both looks and performance, you can turn your machine into a one-of-a-kind customized Mini 4WD creation.

★Please note that some parts may no longer be available.
ĦITEM 15496
Avante Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)
ĦITEM 15497
HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate for 13/19mm Roller (1.5mm)
ĦITEM 15498
HG Carbon Wide
Front Plate (1.5mm)
ĦITEM 15499
HG Carbon Wide
Rear Plate (1.5mm)
ĦITEM 15500
2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Blue, 5pcs.)
ĦITEM 15501
Slimline Mass Damper Set
ĦITEM 15502
Thunder Shot Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)
ĦITEM 15503
Winning Bird Formula Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)
ĦITEM 15504
Large-Diameter 5-Spoke Wheels & Hard Red Slick Tires (for Super X & XX Chassis)
ĦITEM 15505
Mini 4WD
Motor Case 2
ĦITEM 15506
Lightweight Plastic Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm)
ĦITEM 15507
HG Low Rebound Sponge Tires (for Large Dia. Narrow Wheels)
ĦITEM 15508
Stainless Steel Screw Set (15/20/25/30mm)
ĦITEM 15509
Low-Profile Offset Tread Tires (Hard/White)
ĦITEM 15510
Stainless Steel Countersunk Screw Set (10/12/20/25/30mm)
ĦITEM 15511
Large-Diameter Low-Profile Tires & 6-Spoke Wheels
ĦITEM 15512
Brake Sponge Set (Mild, 1/2/3mm Blue)
ĦITEM 15513
Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set (5-Spoke)
ĦITEM 15514
Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for FM-A Chassis
ĦITEM 15515
Short Mass
Damper Block (6x6x14mm/2pcs.)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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