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Mini 4WD Limited Edition Products

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*Please note that due to limited quantity production runs, some of these items may no longer be available.

ĦITEM 94615
Racing Mini 4WD Special Selection Vol.1 (Metallic Body Edition)
ĦITEM 94616
Mini 4WD PRO Aluminum Side Extension Roller Mount (Blue)
ĦITEM 94617
10mm Diameter Guide Roller Ball Bearings
ĦITEM 94618
Magnum Saber Special Kit
ĦITEM 94619
Victory Magnum Special Kit
ĦITEM 94620
Cyclone Magnum Special Kit
ĦITEM 94621
Beat-Magnum Special Kit
ĦITEM 94622
Mini 4WD PRO Keen Hawk Jr. (Finished Model)
ĦITEM 94623
Mini 4WD PRO Nitrage Jr. (Finished Model)
ĦITEM 94624
Mini 4WD PRO Thunder Shot Mk.II (Finished Model)
ĦITEM 94625
Mini 4WD Ball Head Set 2 for Stabilizing Pole
ĦITEM 94626
Avante Mk.II Black Special
ĦITEM 94634
Oval Home Circuit plus Nitro Thunder & Avante X
ĦITEM 94635
MS Chassis Reinforced Double Roller Stay
ĦITEM 94636
Avante Mk.II Painted Polycarbonate Body (Blue Lame)
ĦITEM 94637
Manta Ray Mk.II Painted Polycarbonate Body (Iridescent Pink/Gold)
ĦITEM 94638
Neo Falcon Painted Polycarbonate Body (Black Lame)
ĦITEM 94639
Super Avante (VS Chassis) White Special
ĦITEM 94640
60mm Hollow Stainless Steel Shaft
ĦITEM 94641
Thunder Shot Mk.II Black Special
ĦITEM 94644
BisonMagnum (Finished Model)
ĦITEM 94645
RodeoSonic (Finished Model)
ĦITEM 94646
Mini 4WD PRO MS Chassis Plate Brake Set
ĦITEM 94647
Neo-Tridagger ZMC Special Kit
ĦITEM 94648
Proto-Saber JB Special Kit

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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