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Masterwork Collection (Cars)

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These Masterwork Collection models have each been hand-finished by expert staff. They are ready for display as they come pre-painted and with all markings pre-applied.

ĦITEM 21080
Ferrari F60 No.4
ĦITEM 21090
Tyrrell P34 1977
Monaco GP No.3
ĦITEM 21091
Tyrrell P34 1977
Monaco GP No.4
ĦITEM 21095
Tyrrell P34 1976
Japan GP No.3
ĦITEM 21096
Tyrrell P34 1876
Japan GP No.4
ĦITEM 21101
Team Lotus Type 79 "Martini" No.1
ĦITEM 21102
Team Lotus Type 79 "Martini" No.2
ĦITEM 21103
Team Lotus Type 78 1977 British GP No.5
ĦITEM 21104
Team Lotus Type 78 1977 British GP No.6
ĦITEM 21113
Ferrari F1-2000 No.4
ĦITEM 21114
Ferrari F1-2000 No.3
ĦITEM 21115
Ferrari F310 B No.6
ĦITEM 21116
Ferrari F310 B No.5
ĦITEM 21117
Ferrari F2001 No.2
ĦITEM 21118
Ferrari F2001 No.1

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agents.

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