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Educational Construction Series
Motor & Gearboxes

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ĦITEM 70093
Crank Axle Gearbox
ĦITEM 70097
Twin-Motor Gearbox
ĦITEM 70103
Universal Gearbox
ĦITEM 70110
Crank Axle Gearbox
ĦITEM 70153
Submarine Motor
ĦITEM 70167
Single Gearbox
ĦITEM 70168
Double Gearbox
(Left/Right 4-Speed)
ĦITEM 70178
Submarine Motor Mini
(for R03/AAA/UM4)
ĦITEM 70179
Submarine Motor Mini
ĦITEM 70185
Submarine Motor Mini
(High-Speed Type)
ĦITEM 70186
Gearbox Set
ĦITEM 70188
Mini Motor Gearbox
ĦITEM 70189
Mini Motor Low-Speed
Gearbox (4-Speed)
ĦITEM 70190
Mini Motor Multi-Ratio
Gearbox (12-Speed)
ĦITEM 70203
Low-Current Motor
Gearbox (3-Speed)
ĦITEM 72001
Planetary Gearbox Set
ĦITEM 72002
High Speed Gearbox
H.E. (High Efficiency)
ĦITEM 72003
High Power Gearbox
H.E. (High Efficiency)
ĦITEM 72004
Worm Gearbox
H.E. (High Efficiency)
ĦITEM 72005
6-Speed Gearbox
H.E. (High Efficiency)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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