1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle Series

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Enjoy the dynamic excitment of big scale modeling. Each 1/6 scale cycle kit is a precise duplication of the actual motorcycle down to the last nut and bolt. Finely detailed engines, delicate spoke wheels, semi-pneumatic tires, operating coil spring suspensions, and gleaming chrome-finished, varnished, and metal parts... They all play a part in creating unparalleled realism.
ITEM 16001
Honda Dream CB750 Four
ITEM 16002
Dax Honda Export 70

ITEM 16003
Honda CB750

ITEM 16004
Honda CB750 Police Type

ITEM 16011
Yamaha YZ250

ITEM 16012
Honda Gorilla Z50J-III

ITEM 16013
Honda Monkey Z50J-1

ITEM 16014
Honda MB50Z

ITEM 16017
Yamaha XS1100LG
Midnight Special
ITEM 16019
Kawasaki Z1300

ITEM 16020
Honda CB750F

ITEM 16021
Kawasaki KZ1300B Touring
ITEM 16022

ITEM 16023
Kawasaki Z1300 Motorcycle Engine
ITEM 16024
Honda CB750F Motorcycle Engine
ITEM 16025
Suzuki GSX1100S Katana
ITEM 16026
Honda CX500 Turbo

ITEM 16027
Honda CX500 Turbo Motorcycle Engine
ITEM 16028
Honda Magna 50

ITEM 16030
Honda Monkey 2000 Anniversary
ITEM 16031
Honda Gorilla Spring Collection

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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