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1/35 Military Miniature Series

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This is a continuing series in exact 1/35 scale of World War II vehicles and post war armor, plus figures in many poses from forces all over the world. Ideal for the constructing of diorama and shadow box art, all of these military miniature models are exact in detail, down to the facial expressions on the soldiers themselves. Working from the full sized vehicles, the designers measured every facet of the vehicles for the most accurate model that can be produced, and thousands of photographs were utilized in verifying the many variations of the different types. These models are truly museum replicas and are, in fact, used by many famous museums around the world to depict history to the viewing public.
ITEM 35062
Leichter Panzerspahwagen (Fu) Sd.kfz.223
ITEM 35063
Russian Heavy Tank KV-II Gigant

ITEM 35064
West German Leopard Medium Tank

ITEM 35065
German Panther Medium Tank

ITEM 35066
Russian Heavy Tank KV-I (Type-C)

ITEM 35067
Road Sign Set

ITEM 35068
British Chieftain Mk.5 Tank

ITEM 35069
German Jagdpanther

ITEM 35070
U.S. Armored Personnel Carrier M3A2 Half-Track
ITEM 35071
U.S. Armored Command Post Car

ITEM 35072
Russian Tank Destroyer SU-85

ITEM 35073
German Observation Group

ITEM 35074
Tent Set

ITEM 35075
Japanese Type 97 Tank

ITEM 35077
Brummbar Sturmpanzer IV Sd.kfz.166
ITEM 35078
ITEM 35079
U.S. Command Figure Set
ITEM 35080
U.S. Combat Group Set

ITEM 35081
U.S. Multiple Gun Motor Carraige M16
ITEM 35083
U.S. 81mm Mortar Carrier M21

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