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Racing Mini 4WD Series

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Tamiya's Racing Mini 4WD Series offers you quick and easy to assembly, plus hours of enjoyment. It incorporates state of the art shaft driven four wheel drive mechanism. These machines offer amazing agility and provide lots of versatility and amusement for the whole family.

ITEM 18073
Dash-0 Horizon Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18074
Dash-X1 Proto-Emperor Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18075
Dash-001 Great Emperor Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18076
Top-Force Evolution RS
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18077
Astute RS
(Super-II Chassis)

ITEM 18078
Terra Conqueror RS
(VS Chassis)

ITEM 18079
Dyna Storm RS
(Super-II Chassis)

ITEM 18080
Bear Hawk RS
(Super-II Chassis)

ITEM 18081
Daihatsu Kopen
(Future Included) RMZ
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18082
Daihatsu Kopen
(Future Included) XMZ
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18083
Mini 4WD Shirokumakko

ITEM 18084
Mini 4WD Panda Racer

ITEM 18085
Mini 4WD Lupine Racer
ITEM 18086
Mini 4WD Dog Racer
ITEM 18087
Mini 4WD Hawk Racer
ITEM 18088
Mini 4WD Owl Racer

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agent.
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