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1/32 Aircraft Series

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The 1/32 scale enables an exquisite level of detail to be incorporated into these aircraft models. Thorough first-hand research means that these models are not only accurate in form and outline, but also feature realistic engines and cockpit interiors.
ĦITEM 60303
F-14A Tomcat™
Version 1994
ĦITEM 60304
McDonnell Douglas
F-15C Eagle™
ĦITEM 60305
McDonnell Douglas
F-4C/D Phantom II™
ĦITEM 60306
McDonnell Douglas
F-4J Phantom II™
ĦITEM 60307
McDonnell Douglas
F-15J Eagle™ JASDF
ĦITEM 60308
McDonnell Douglas
F-4J Phantom II™ Marines
ĦITEM 60309
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero (Zeke)
ĦITEM 60310
McDonnell Douglas
F-4E Phantom II™ Early Production
ĦITEM 60311
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Real Sound Action Set
ĦITEM 60312
Boeing F-15E
Strike Eagle™
w/Bunker Buster
ĦITEM 60313
F-14A Tomcat™
"Black Knights"
ĦITEM 60314
McDonnell Douglas
F-4EJ Phantom II™ JASDF
ĦITEM 60315
Lockheed Martin®
F-16CJ [Block 50]
Fighting Falcon™
ĦITEM 60316
F-16C "Thunderbirds"
ĦITEM 60317
Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Model 21

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