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Mini 4WD PRO Series

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These exciting Mini 4WD PRO machines each feature a dual-shaft motor that drives both the front and rear wheels for optimum power transmission efficiency. With a battery and motor layout that emphasizes good balance, the chassis is a perfect base to install the wide range of available performance-enhancing Grade-Up Parts. Two R6/AA/UM3 batteries are separately required.

ĦITEM 18626
Avante Mk.III Azure
ĦITEM 18627
Avante Mk.III Nero
ĦITEM 18628
Dash-2 Burning Sun
ĦITEM 18629
Tridagger XX
ĦITEM 18630
Dash-3 Shooting Star
ĦITEM 18631
Spin-Axe Mk.II
ĦITEM 18632
Dash-01 Super Emperor
ĦITEM 18633
Rising Edge
ĦITEM 18634
ĦITEM 18635
Blast Arrow
ĦITEM 18636
Heat Edge
ĦITEM 18637
Festa Jaune
ĦITEM 18638
Tri Gale
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18639
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18640
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18641
Shooting Proud Star
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18642
Spark Rouge
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18643
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18644
God Burning Sun
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18645
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18646
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18647
Mini 4WD Starter Pack MA Power Spec
(Blast Arrow)
ĦITEM 18648
Mad Laser
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18649
Cannon D Ball
(MA Chassis)
ĦITEM 18650
(MA Chassis)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agent.

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