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Collector's Club Special
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Tamiya brings a new dimension to finished models with the introduction of the "Collector's Club" die-cast scale model series. The main component of these precision replicas are of die-cast metal. They are hand crafted, painted and decorated, bringing out the ultimate in detail while providing that weighty feeling experienced in die-cast models. Chassis components use engineering plastics to reproduce a crisp finish. The "Collector's Club" models will be a proud part of any collection of fine automotive models.

ITEM 23201
Honda F-1 RA272
ITEM 23202
Ferrari F50
ITEM 23203
Ferrari F50
(Semi-Assembled Model)
ITEM 23204
Ferrari F50
Yellow Version
(Semi-Assembled Model)
ITEM 23205
Enzo Ferrari
Semi-Assembled Premium Model
ITEM 23206
Porsche Carrera GT (Semi-Assembled Premium Model)
ITEM 23207
Porsche Carrera GT Yellow Version
(Semi-Assembled Premium Model)
ITEM 23208
Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister Fully Assembled Premium Model
ITEM 23209
Enzo Ferrari
Giallo Modena
(Semi-Assembled Premium Model)
ITEM 23210
Honda CB750 Racing
ITEM 23211
Ferrari GTO Semi-Assembled Premium Model

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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