1/16 Scale R/C Tank Series
Heavy Tank Type VI King Tiger-Porsche Turret
King Tiger DMD Kit (ITEM 56007)

Overall length 640mm Overall width 235mm Weight fully equipped 3420g
Model may vary slightly from picture.

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Overview of Actual Vehicle
Rolling onto the battlefield in late WWII, the German King Tiger used its powerful 88mm cannon against the Allied Forces. Its development was started in Jan. 1943, with the earliest model equipped with a body from the Henschel firm and an armored turret of up to 100mm in thickness designed by Dr. Porsche. Officially designated the Panzerkampfwagen VI-B Tiger II, only fifty Porsche turrets for this version were produced prior to the official adoption of the Henschel turret for mass production. It was however the Porsche turret equipped King Tiger, which left its mark on history by facing off with the Allied Forces in the Normandy Invasion.

Model Specifications
This is the 1/16 scale R/C assembly kit based on the Porsche turret equipped King Tiger. Kit includes DMD Control Unit, which operates two 380-type motors. In addition to forward/reverse movement, left/right turns, pivot turns, and super pivot turns can all be performed over a wide range of speeds by the independent control of the left and right tracks. Each pre-assembled track consists of 88 pieces, making assembly easy. Aluminum chassis boasts high rigidity. Bearings are equipped in the pre-assembled gearboxes. Does not feature rotating turret gear or flash system.

DMD Control Unit T-01
The powerhouse of the R/C King Tiger features a twin motor gearbox equipped with 380-type motors. The newly developed DMD (Digital Twin Motor Differential) Control Unit operates the two motors through a two channel FET amplifier, allowing for a wide range of movement at all speeds. Forward/reverse movement, left/right turns, pivoting and super pivoting from a dead crawl to cruising speeds are all made possible by the DMD Control Unit. Enjoy the dynamic cruising of the R/C tank, which provides the same enjoyment as driving a two-channel R/C car. Because the power for the whole system is provided by the 7.2V battery, a separate battery for the DMD Control Unit is not necessary.

Required R/C Unit

A two-channel R/C unit is necessary to operate this kit. A 7.2V Tamiya Racing Pack and charger are also required.

King Tiger is a limited release, so don't miss out!

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By installing the DMD Control Unit and manipulating the two-channel R/C unit, any movement you can imagine is at your fingertips.