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1/16 R/C Tank Series

1/16 R/C German Tiger I Early Production Full-Option Kit (w/Detail-Up Parts)
Item No:84273 

Length=530mm Image shows finished model.

【 Tiger in the Sand 】 This 1/16 scale limited edition R/C German Tiger I Early Production kit comes with extensive detail-up parts to enable realistic depiction of a tank that was deployed to the North African desert. Aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched grilles provide an enhanced level of realism. 2 types of parts for mantlet, air cleaners, and hatch underside are included. Of course, this model also features the various light and sound effects which Tamiya's R/C tanks are famous for.

■Decals are included to depict 4 Russian front and 2 North African front tanks.

■The powerful 88mm gun barrel is realistically reproduced in aluminum.

■Highly-detailed rear section features photo-etched grilles.

■2 commander figures (1 wearing European uniform and 1 wearing desert uniform) are included.

■2 kinds of mantlet, air cleaners, and exhausts are also included.

■Photo-etched engine grilles provide an enhanced level of realism.

■During firing, the barrel-mounted LED flashes and firing sound roars from the onboard speaker. Realistic barrel and hull recoil movement are also reproduced.

■Turret can be rotated about 340 degrees. Gun barrel can be controlled within a 20 degree elevation range. Movement speed can be controlled by transmitter stick.

■Metal torsion bar suspension and pre-assembled resin tracks recreate realistic lumbering movement. Drive sprockets and idler wheels are made from die-cast metal. Road wheels feature rubber rings just like an actual tank.

■The large scale Tiger measures 530mm in overall length and features abundant detail. A comparison with the 1/35 scale Tiger gives you an idea of just how large it is.

■Turret rotation, gun barrel elevation/depression, and recoil mechanism unit sits compactly inside the turret.

■60mm diameter speaker box is installed at the rear of the hull and emits realistic sounds.

■Pre-assembled twin-motor gearbox features two RS-380 motors and a 59.77:1 gear ratio to maneuver the 4,100g model.

■DMD Control Unit controls forward/reverse, turning and pivot turning, as well as turret rotation and gun movement. Multi-Function Control Unit provides various lifelike sound effects.

■Requires 4-channel R/C system including a stick type transmitter, battery pack, and charger for operation (sold separately).

【 Click to see various lifelike actions 】

Promotional Video

 ・WMV File(46.7MB)

 ・MPEG File(26.2MB)

Basic Operation

 ・WMV File(19.0MB)

 ・MPEG File(8.1MB)

Main Gun Firing 

During firing, the barrel-mounted LED flashes, firing sound roars, and hull recoil movement is reproduced. An interval of about 9 seconds is required between each shot just like an actual Tiger.


Fully raise the trim on right side and push right control stick forward.

Turret Rotation, Gun Barrel Elevation/Depression 

Turret rotation and main gun elevation/depression are accompanied by realistic sounds.


Move your left control stick left or right to rotate turret. Move the right stick up or down to raise or lower the gun barrel.

Machine Gun Firing 

The hull-mounted 7.92mm MG34 machine gun fires continuously for 3 seconds.


Fully lower the right trim and then pull the right control stick down.

Realistic Movement 

Forward/reverse movement, turning, sharp turning, and pivot turning are all controllable. Torsion bar spring suspension offers realistic lumbering movement accompanied by engine sounds.


Move the left stick up or down for forward and reverse. Move the right stick from left or right to make turns and pivots.

【 2 kinds of Engine Starting Sounds 】 Actual Tiger I tanks used an automatic engine starter or a manual crank to prevent battery over-discharging in cold areas. Tamiya's R/C Tiger I also features these sounds. Turn on the transmitter first to hear manual crank start sound and turn the receiver first to hear automatic engine sound. For further realism, the model reproduces a manual crank start sound at low temperatures regardless of which unit is switched on first.

【 Authentic Engine Sounds 】 The only working King Tiger tank in the world is on display at the Saumur Tank Museum in France. Since the Tiger I used basically the same type of Maybach powerplant, Tamiya designers made their way to France to record all the sounds of this 700hp V12 powerplant, including battery start-up, crank start-up, fly-wheel sound, etc. in order to provide a greater level of enjoyment.  

Footage from engine sound recording


Watch the sound recording session at the Saumur Museum. The video contains the sound of an engine start-up and the engine back-fire sounds.

 ・WMV File(18.9MB) [ Windows Media Player ]※Streaming

 ・MPEG File(8.18MB) [ QuickTime ]

【 Specifications 】 ●1/16 Scale ●Length: 530mm ●Width: 232mm ●Height: 188mm ●Fully-Loaded Weight: 4,100g ●Lower Hull: Reinforced Plastic with 1mm thick Duralumin Frame ●Die-Caset Drive Sprockets, Idler Wheels, and Suspension Arms ●Realistic Torsion Bar Spring Suspension ●Pre-Assembled Gearboxes with Type 380 Motors ●Pre-Assembled Plastic Tracks ●Movable Turret Hatches ●DMD Control Unit T-03 features setting functions such as Steering Trimmer and Fail Safe. 

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●4-Channel Transmitter with self-neutral function (Futaba Attack T4VWD is recommended) ●Battery Pack & Charger ●Batteries for transmitter

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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