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Educational Construction Series No.226

Water Scooter
Item No: 70226

Item image
Length: 128mm (approx.). Image shows assembled kit.

Water Wonderful Creation!
This delightful kit creates a mini water scooter. It moves thanks to a motor-powered centrifugal pump, which contains an impeller that draws water in and pushes it to the outside of the pump case, expelling it out of the discharge nozzle to provide forward motion. A rudder governs the direction of the expelled water: move it up and down to change speed, or left and right to steer the model. The model is made up of 6 parts and comes with 2 sets of marking stickers to choose from. A suction cup is included to allow use of the pump and motor in other models.

How does the Centrifugal Pump Work?
As the impeller rotates, water is pushed to the outside of the case by the centrifugal force. At the same time, more water is sucked in to the center of the case, in turn causing water to be pumped out through the discharge nozzle.
★Length: 128mm, width: 52mm, height: 100mm (dimensions are approximate). ★Submarine motor included. ★The simple assembly process just requires snap-fitting and screwing together of parts.

Separately Required Items
★Requires R03/AAA/UM4 battery x1

Click here to see a video of the Water Scooter in action on our official YouTube channel. (Link leads to external site.)

Information is correct as of June 12, 2017. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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