The Heart of the Zero Beats Again
Zero Fighter (Zeke) Real Sound Action Set
The masterfully designed 1/32 scale model of the A6M5 Zero shipboard fighter, with all its intricate detail and moveable parts has now been taken to the next level. Tamiya is proud to release a 1/32 scale model of the Mitsubishi A6M5 shipboard fighter that features realistic lights replicated with light emitting diodes, as well as propeller rotation coupled with synchronized engine sound. *Click on pictures below for enlargements and explanations. (Images show item after painting and assembly.)

Mini-motor Wing lights Cockpit lighting Tail light Display stand
Exhaust pipes 20mm machine gun Figures Rudder, elevator Photo etched parts

Just like the real thing, only smaller!
To many Japanese, the Reisen (Zero Fighter) was more than a superbly designed aircraft, it was symbol of the legendary, albeit temporary invincibility of the Japanese Navy in the Pacific theater. Some theorists have even gone so far to say that if not for the design and production of the Zero fighter, the Japanese Navy would have never decided to initiate the Pacific War in the first place. The hope for Japanese victory in the Pacific against the might and sheer numbers of Allied aircraft rested on the Zero fighters and their brave pilots. Now, with Tamiya's Zero Fighter (Zeke) Sound Action Set the thunderous roar of the Sakae 21 engine, having transcended time and space, is available to be heard in your very own living room.

Lights, sound, action! Lights, sound, action!

Check out the real engine sound (recorded from a live Zero fighter) and realistic propeller rotation for yourself!


240x180 pixel approx. 16sec.(2MB)
*Approx. 8min. to download when using a 64K modem
With the flick of a switch, the Zero's story begins!
A special control mechanism in the display stand enables simultaneous propeller rotation and engine sound to heighten the sense of realism. The propeller rotation and engine sound synchronization was recreated by referring to actual Zero fighter manuals.

Flicking switch to "ON" position will engage sound of inertia starter rotation and connection, followed by idling sound, followed by warm-up running sound of engine, and finally full-go sound. This change of sound process has been precisely integrated with change in propeller speed. Turning switch off will cause engine sound to slowly wind down before stopping. Engine idling and warm-up running sounds may be continued.

Designed with the utmost realism, the progression in propeller speed coincides with changes in engine sound. From initial rotation to full-go, the peak of propeller rotation speed portrays the state of the Zero during the moment before take-off, at the point when fighter pilots confirmed engine condition by focusing all their attention on the Sakae 21's sound and vibration. The realistic sound and movement of this model stir the imagination and make it seem as if you are in the cockpit of a real Zero fighter.

LED and optical fiber Lights Aplenty

In addition to propeller rotation and engine sound, this model features realistic lighting. LED and optical fiber used to replicate tail, wing and fuselage lamps. Model lights up in a total of 9 different areas when sound of engine begins, and diodes can be connected with ease via simple wiring in fuselage.

Sound recorded from actual Sakae 21 engine of a live Zero Fighter!
Using digital technology, Tamiya designers recorded the engine sound of the only remaining Sakae 21 engine, housed in a Mitsubishi A6M5 currently on display at the Planes of Fame Aviation Museum located outside Los Angeles California. The sound of this Sakae 21 engine, with its 1130hp maximum output and a 2-speed control mechanism was recorded with the latest in digital sound technology to be played from the speaker box of the model's display stand. Now all the power of the Sakae 21 engine can now be heard in your very own living room!

Sakae 21 Engine
Research on actual plane
Digital Sound Recording

Sakae 21 Engine (Picture of actual engine)
Planes of Fame Aviation Museum in Chino Calif.
From initial rotation to maximum propeller speed- a thorough digital recording of engine sound

About the Model
A realistic scale model of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter, that features moving parts and sound. 1/32 scale, fuselage length: 285mm, wingspan: 344mm. Display stand size: 285mmx285mmx40mm. Sound of real Sakae 21 Engine digitally recorded.Control mechanism and speaker box housed in display stand enable replication of start-up process of engine- from initial running to finish. Simultaneous propeller rotation and engagement of lights are also possible. Mini-motor encased in engine powers propeller rotation to synchronize with each phase of engine start-up.LED and optical fiber used to replicate tail, wing and fuselage lights. Model lights up in a total of 9 different places. Unpainted canopy parts come with pre-painted window frame parts.Kit requires four R14/C/UM2 batteries (sold separately).

Click here to view: 1/32 Aircraft Series No.9, Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke)