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Electric R/C Car Series No.509

Toyota Tom's 84C (RM-01)

Item No:58509

Length=358mm Image shows finished model. ※Enlarged Image

【 Sensational Group C Racer 】 In 1982, the World Endurance Championship introduced the new Group C class, which was initially dominated by the Porsche 956. In 1984, Toyota entered the Tom's 84C to challenge Porsche for top honors in this category and this is a 1/12 scale R/C model of that historic car. The polycarbonate body faithfully reproduces the aerodynamic, sleek form of the 84C and car numbers and various sponsor logos can be depicted with included stickers. A driver figure is also included to enhance realism. All of this is mounted on the Direct-Drive 2WD RM-01 chassis to provide thrilling racing action.

【 An Exciting Development in 1/12 Scale 】 This 1/12 scale chassis features a 2.5mm thick black-colored FRP lower deck and a height-adjustable resin gear case with Type 380 motor. Pivot-Ball Link Rear (PBLR) suspension system features a center pivot ball, a pitch damper to temper chassis pitch movement, and a roll damper and side links to control chassis roll. The chassis' Direct-Drive setup features a ball diff inside the spur gear while high-grip sponge tires provide plenty of traction.

Front kingpin coil suspension features optimized kingpin trail, offering smooth steering operation and straight-line stability.

Pitch and roll movements are controlled by separate dampers.

Direct-Drive setup features an aluminum diff housing and steel rear shaft. New wheel hubs allow attachment of both hex-hub-secured and 3-screw-secured wheels.

■Roll springs can be additionally installed for custom suspension settings.

■The LF1100 battery and Type 380 motor contribute to a compact chassis layout. Type 540 motor can also be installed.
【 Specifications 】 ●Length: 358mm ●Width: 170mm ●Height: 86mm ●Wheelbase: 201mm ●Tread: 137mm (Front), 132mm (Rear) ●Tire Width/Diameter: 24/49mm (Front), 35/51mm (Rear) ●2.5mm thick black-colored FRP Lower Deck ●Horizontally-Mounted Motor, Rear Direct-Drive 2WD ●Ball Differential ●Symmetrical Steering Tie-Rods ●Front Kingpin Coil Spring & Pivot Ball Link Rear Suspension ●Gear Ratio=4.50:1 (when used with 14T pinion and 63T spur gears) ●Type 380 Motor included ●Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ●Batteries for transmitter ●Battery Pack & Charger

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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(The information on this page is current as of January 23, 2012.)