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1/10 Electric R/C Car Series No.457

Item No:58457 

(Length: 407mm Image shows finished model.)※Click to enlarge

【 Love to Work 】 The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a multi-purpose truck with unrivalled off-road performance and its name is an acronym which stands for the German description "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerat." The 406 also has the ability to equip any of approximately 3000 attachments for every imaginable task. In addition to work vehicle variants like snow plow, fire engine, road maintenance truck, and tow truck, the Unimog is also used in Europe for cross-country and rally racing events like the famous Paris to Dakar rally. Of all the variants released during the design's 50 year history, the 406 Series, with its curved hood and round headlights, has been a popular long-seller since its debut in 1963. The form of the Unimog is made with durable polycarbonate and the actual vehicles front grille is accurately reproduced with metal plated parts. Furthermore, LEDs can be mounted to depict realistic lighting action.

【 All Terrain Chassis 】 Excellent ground-hugging, long-stroke suspension system consists of front double wishbone and rear 4-link rigid setups and is equipped with 4 oil dampers. Highly reliable and efficient full-time 4WD system features a front-mounted motor, which transmits power to the front wheels via the gearbox and to the rear wheels via the propeller shaft with universal joints. Front and rear differentials enable smooth cornering. For even greater off-road performance on rough terrain, the rear differential may be locked during assembly.

【 Specifications 】 ●Length: 407mm ●Width: 220mm ●Height: 229mm ●Weight: 1460g ●Wheelbase: 242mm ●Tread (Front & Rear): 163mm ●Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear): 33/90mm Ladder Frame Bathtub Type Chassis ●Longitudinally Placed Motor Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD ●Front and Rear 3-Bevel Differential Gears ●Front Suspension: Double Wishbone, Rear Suspension: 4-Link Rigid ●Front and Rear CVA Oil Dampers ●Gear Ratio=1:14.67 ●TEU-104BK ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) sold separately ●RS540 Type Motor Included

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●Finespec FM Radio Control System w/ESC ●8xR6/AA/UM3 Batteries for Transmitter

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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