1/10 Radio Controlled Car Series No.290 (ITEM 58290) TA04-SS Chassis
Toyota MR-S Racing
Toyota MR-S Racing
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Rear styleChassisSuspension armsLow drive lossSpare body included
About Toyota MR-S Racing
The Toyota MR-S made its debut on the market in October 99 as a Mid Ship 2-Seat Sports Car. With its agility and high traction capabilities, this well transformed machine has excelled in the Japanese GT Championship. Tamiya is proud to present the R/C replica of the hard top racer Toyota MR-S featuring projecting front and rear fenders and oversized rear wing.

Short wheel base TA04-SS Chassis
The TA04-SS chassis has been developed from the TA04-S chassis and features a shortened wheel base with specially designed suspension arms. The wheel base has been shortened 10mm to provide sharper turn capability. The agility of the TA04-SS will provide you with true R/C excitement.

Usable parts list (up to May 2002)
Many seperately available option parts can be mounted on the Toyota MR-S Racing.Try your own original setting.
Motor Gear Damper Tire/Wheel
Screw Other Spare Parts Other Option Parts

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 404mm Overall width: 189mm Overall height: 117mm Minimum clearance: 8mm Weight fully equipped: 1,630g (including TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit, RC2400SP battery) Wheel base: 247mm Tread (f/r): 162/162mm Chassis material: upper deck/Polycarbonate lower deck/ABS resin Chassis type: Resin type double deck. Steering tie rods: divided in three segments Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 10deg/2deg. Camber angle (f/r): variable Toe angle (f/r): 0deg(variable)/2deg Dampers (f/r): CVA Mini II dampers Drive train: belt driven midship full-time 4WD Gear ratio: 7.08:1(kit standard) Diff gear system (f/r): 3 bevel differential Full ball bearings (24 in all) Speed Controller: electronic speed controller Tire width/diameter: 27mm/65mm (same f/r) Tread pattern (f/r): Racing sleek tires Motor not included

Required Items (Sold Separately)
540 motor R/C Unit: Adspec GT-I or FET 2-channel R/C unit with electronic speed control Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or 7.2V Advance Pack.