1/10 RC Car Series No.266 (ITEM 58266)

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Left Rear ViewChassisSuspensionSpur GearTires/Wheels

Tamiya is proud to bring out this stunning sports car on the all new TA04 chassis. The full size 360 Modena Challenge, the racing version of Ferrari's latest model, has been designed for the customer who wants to race in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. The TA04 chassis is full of high performance parts such as 2 belt 4WD system for efficient power transfer, rigid ABS/polycarbonate double deck frame, 4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension for excellent road holding and 6 ball bearings for the front/rear diff gear and center pulley. Various key areas including upper arm length can be adjusted. Kit comes with medium narrow tires type A which can be used in all seasons. Includes type 540 motor.

Compatible Parts List
Click on the categories below for lists of compatible parts for the Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge. Set up your TA04 chassis any way you like!
Spare Bodies Tires/Wheels Motors Dampers
Gears/Pulleys Screws/Nuts Other Spare Parts Other Option Parts

Hopping-Up your TA04 with Ball Bearings

The following is a list of bearings which should be used with the TA04 chassis to bring out its top speed and performance. These items, when used in place of kit-supplied plastic and metal bearings, will reduce resistance in your drive train, allowing for improved speed and life of your chassis and its parts.
ITEM 53008
1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) X 2
ITEM 53030
850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) X 1
ITEM 53047
730 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) X 1

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 433mm Overall width: 192mm Overall height: 111mm Minimum clearance: 8mm Weight fully equipped: 1,610g (including TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit, motor, RC2400SP battery) Wheel base: 257mm Tread (front and rear): 164mm Chassis material: ABS/Polycarbonate Chassis type: Double Deck Frame Steering tie rods: divided in three segments Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 10°/2° Camber angle (f/r): variable Toe angle (f/r): 0°/2° Dampers (f/r): CVA Mini II Drive train: belt driven midship full-time 4WD Gear ratio: 7.08:1(kit standard) Diff gear system (f/r): three bevel diff Speed Controller: electronic speed controller Tire width (f/r): 24mm Tire diameter (f/r): 64mm Tread pattern (f/r): racing slick

Separately Available Items
RC Unit: Adspec GT-I or 2-channel RC system with electronic speed control Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent