1/10 Radio Control Car Series No.258 (Item 58258)
(This item has been discontinued.)

F103LM-TRF Special Chassis Kit
*Body, Battery, and R/C System are not included in kit.
Click on images below for enlargements and explanations. (Images show prototype after completion).
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Chassis of Champions
Enjoy the fine tuned suspension and efficient R/C running provided by 19 high performance parts. This 1/10 Racing Chassis Kit was constructed for one purpose only-to be your ultimate weapon on the racetrack.

Lightweight, Sturdy Carbon Double Deck Frame
The backbone of the chassis, the double-deck frame consists of both a carbon fiber upper and lower deck. Rigid yet lightweight frame maximizes efficiency of suspension.
Efficient Drive-Train
Fully equipped with bearings, the chassis also comes with 04 Module Gear and Titanium Shaft to further reduce inefficiencies in the drive train. In addition, an aluminum motor mount attached to a clearance adjustable gear case allows for a wide range of setting possibilities.
A Suspension Made to Race
Link-type suspension equipped with special upright for wide tread, heightening contact between front tires and road surface. Rear suspension features Suspension Ball Mount which minimizes instability during cornering, smoothing out performance. A Carbon Friction Plate and Super Low Friction Dampers are also included in kit, adding to the "raceability" of the F103LM-TRF Chassis.

Included Option Parts:
Special TRF Wide Carbon Chassis Special TRF Carbon Upper Deck Special TRF Carbon Friction Plate Special TRF Titanium Shaft 53103 Racing Developed 0.4 Steel Pinion Gear Set (24T, 25T) 53104 Racing Developed 0.4 Spur Gear Set (93T, 104T) 53149 F-1 Low-Friction Pads (F103 Chassis) 53150 F-1 Turn-Buckle Tie-Rods (F103 Chassis) 53158 Formula Car Ball Bearing Set 53257 Formula Height Adjustable Gear Case 53258 Formula Link-Type Front Suspension 53259 Formula 3.5mm Offset Upright (Special TRF Wide Tread) 53273 Formula Car Rear Suspension Ball Mount Set 53277 Formula Car Height-Adjustable Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Mount (Special TRF Black type) 53308 Aluminum Servo Stay (anodized in blue) 53347 3mm Spring Grub Screw 53387 3mm Lightweight Diff Ball Set 53391 Formula Super Low Friction Damper 50473 High Torque Servo Saver (RS-540 Sports Tune Motor, Reinforced Slicks Type-A for front and rear are also included in set.)

Basic Specifications:
Overall length: 360mm Overall width: 204mm Minimum clearance: 5mm Weight fully equipped: 1170g Wheelbase: 256.5mm Tread (front/rear): 174mm/160mm Chassis material: 2.5tCFRP Chassis Type: Double deck type Steering tie rods: two of equal length. Suspension (front/rear): Link type/Ball mounted Rigid Axle T-Bar Castor angle (front/rear): 4º/0º Camber angle (front/rear): variable/0º Toe angle (front/rear): variable/0º Rear dampers: Adjustable friction dampers and pitching oil damper. Drive train: Sidewinder/Direct Drive Gear Ratio: 2.52:1 Diff Gear (rear): Ball Diff Control system: electronic speed control Tire width (front/rear): 30/45 Tire diameter (front/rear): 56/58 Tread pattern (front&rear): Reinforced Slicks Type-A

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