No Assembly Required. This R/C Buggy's Ready to Run Right out of the Box !

1/10RC XB (Expert Built) Series No. 8 (ITEM 57708)
Super Manta Ray

Super Manta Ray
Tamiya presents this pre-assembled 1/10 Scale Remote Control Buggy. The Super Manta Ray's reliable 4WD-shaft drive, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, and spiked tires make for a machine capable of taking on the hardest of off-road courses. The remote control system comes pre-installed and pre-adjusted with a wheel and trigger-type transmitter. Batteries and charger available separately. (Batteries and charger may be included in some countries. Please contact your regional Tamiya agent for details.) All you have to do is open the box and grab the transmitter- now you're ready for some serious R/C action!

Body, wheels The polycarbonate body comes pre-painted
The shock-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate body comes pre-painted in gun metallic with stickers already attached. Lettering on white dish wheels is also pre-printed.

New DF-01 Chassis Monocoque Type New DF-01 Chassis
Newly designed ABS monocoque frame is lightweight and shock-resistant. The Super Manta Ray employs a laterally installed motor that effectively transmits power via its 4WD mid-ship shaft drive.

Upper Cover Car Body Design Maximizes Resistance to Debris
A polycarbonate upper-cover affixed to the monocoque type frame prevents small rocks from getting lodged in the internal parts. Removal of inspection cover allows for easy maintenance of crystal and speed controller.

Transmitter, battery, battery charger Included Parts
Wheel and trigger-type Adspec GP transmitter specially designed for remote control operation. Batteries and charger available separately. (Batteries and charger may be included in some countries. Please contact your regional Tamiya agent for details.) Transmitter requires eight R6/AA/UM3 batteries.

Optional Parts Available for Increased Efficiency
The Expert Built Super Manta Ray is constructed in the same fashion as an R/C assembly kit. Parts may be disassembled and re-assembled. The kit is fitted with a standard 3-step speed controller that can be replaced with the Tamiya CPR unit. High-power motor, ball bearings, and wheel dampers may be added to enhance performance. Up to 6 separate machines can run simultaneously provided that different transmitter crystals are used.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 390mm Overall width: 250mm Overall height: 150mm Minimum clearance: 25mm Weight fully equipped: 1,620g (with battery installed) Wheel base: 270mm Tread (front and rear): 207mm Chassis material: ABS Chassis type: Monocoque Steering tie rods: divided in three segments Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 15deg/0deg Camber angle (f/r): 3deg/3deg Toe angle (f/r): 3deg/2deg Dampers (f/r): Friction Dampers Drive train: Laterally installed motor with shaft drive 4WD Gear ratio: kit standard- 19T (1:9:49), accessory- 21T (1:8:59) Diff gear system (f/r): three bevel diff Speed Controller: 3-step speed controller Tire width (f/r): 40mm Tire diameter (f/r): 84mm Tread pattern (f/r): pin spike Type 540 motor