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1/10 R/C Limited Edition Item (ITEM 49278)

*Limited Edition
TA04-TRF Special Chassis Kit
*Body, motor, R/C unit and battery not included.
Click on pictures to enlarge them and have captions (Pictures show assembled model).
SSG carbonRacing front one-way unitStabilizerRacing spur gear holderRear area

Instructions supplement about stabilizer bar for TA04 TRF Chassis Kit 4/4

Brilliant Looks, Intrepid Performance!

The TRF414 allowed Tamiya's TRF team to obtain the world champion title in the IFMAR 2002 World Championship. The high performance mechanism of this chassis has been mounted on the TA04-TRF Special Chassis Kit.

The TA04-TRF Special Chassis is equipped with a double deck frame made of SSG carbon, which is carbon coated with aluminum fibers that will provide you not only with high performance, but also add a unique look to your car. Moreover, this machine features newly designed parts such as an aluminum center one-way unit, racing front one-way unit and a racing spur holder to reduce power loss and enhance performance. Suspension rigidity and precision have been improved thanks to aluminum suspension mounts. Suspension setting range has also been improved. The TA04-TRF Special Chassis is a pure racer and will satisfy drivers who desire top performances.

*TA04-TRF Special Chassis can be used in Tamiya races, especially during the Tamiya Grand Prix. Suitable category is indicated on the participant application form.

A full range of newly designed parts to race
Full Ball Bearing Employment

2.0mm Thick SSG Carbon Lower Frame

2.0mm Thick SSG Carbon Upper Frame

2.5mm Thick SSG Carbon Front/Rear Carbon Damper Stay

2.0mm Thick SSG Carbon Spur Holder

Aluminum Suspension Mount

Aluminum Center Pulley

Aluminum Certer One-Way Unit

0.4 Reinforced Aluminum Pinion Gear (39T)

Front/Rear Universal Shaft

Lightweight Diff. Joint (Rear)

Lightweight Rear Swing Shaft

TRF Dampers (Fluorine Coated)
Aluminum Spur Gear Hub

Aluminum Servo Stay

Aluminum Steering Post

One-Piece Front One-Way Unit

Low-Friction 5mm Adjuster

Front Stabilizer (3 Type)

TA04 Hard Suspension Arms

Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub

Aluminum Motor Heat Sink

Medium Narrow Racing Slick Tires (Type A)

Molded Medium Narrow Inner Sponge (Soft)

Medium Narrow 6-Spoke Wheels (Offset +2)

Basic Specifications
Total length: 355mm, Total width: 190mm, Clearance: 5mm, Weight Fully-Equipped: 1,450g (Measurement includes TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit and RC2400SP Battery with RS-540 motor) Wheelbase: 257mm Tread F/R: 166mm Chassis Material: SSG Carbon Chassis Shape: Double-Deck Frame Steering Tie Rod: 3 part Suspension: Front and Rear Double Wishbone Caster Angle-F/R: 6deg/2deg Camber Angle-F/R: adjustable Toe Angle-F/R: adjustable/5 or 6deg Damper: F/R TRF Super Low Friction Dampers Drive train: Belt-Driven 4WD Gear Ratio: 6.56:1, 7.00:1 (Standard in kit) Diff. gear system: F/R One-Way/Ball-Diff Speed Controller: Electronic Speed Controller Tire Width: F/R both 24mm Tire Diameter: F/R both 64mm Tread Pattern: F/R Slicks.

Separately Available Items (required)
Body RS-540 Type Motor R/C Unit: Adspec GT-I or 2-channel R/C system with electronic speed controler Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent
See R/C Parts and Items List for compatible bodies and motors.

*Refer to TA04 column of Touring Cars Parts Mini Catalog for parts compatibility.

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