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1/10 Scale R/C TRF414MII Chassis Kit (ITEM 49219)

Limited Release
TRF414MII Chassis Kit
*The TRF414MII Chassis can NOT be entered at most Tamiya sponsored races.
Please consult your regional agent for chassis entry regulations on Tamiya races.

Proving its global superiority by dominating one race after another, the TRF414M chassis has proven its limitless potential and unmatched top performance. This unbeatable chassis took victories at the German CS Open 2001, the 2001 Hong Kong International Race, and the 2002 Yamayama Cup in Japan. Now, to commemorate the success of the TRF414M chassis and continue in the relentless drive for success, Tamiya presents a modified, special version of the TRF414M chassis...Introducing the TRF414MII.

Blue anodized aluminum parts It's all about the Blue Anodized Aluminum Parts
Front and rear bulkhead, motor plate, damper, bulkhead beam, spur gear, steering arm, and post of this top performance chassis are all made of blue anodized aluminum.

Basic Specifications
Total length: 370mm Total height: 188mm Minimum clearance: 4mm Weight fully equipped: 1500g Wheel base: 257mm Tread (f/r): both 174mm Chassis material: Carbon/Carbon reinforced nylon Chassis shape: double-deck frame Steering tie rod: 3-parts Suspension (f/r): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 4deg./0deg. Camber angle (f/r): both variable Toe angle (f/r): 0deg. (variable)/2deg. Skid angle (f/r): both 2deg. Dampers (f/r): both TRF dampers Transmission: Belt-driven Mid-ship 4WD Gear ratio: 6.4:1 (kit standard) Diff gear system: One-way/ball-diff Equipped standard with center one-way. Speed controller: electronic speed controller Tire width (f/r): both 24mm Tire diameter (f/r): both 64mm Tread pattern (f/r): slicks Tire wheel: inner sponge

Required Items (Sold Separately)
R/C Mechanism: FET 2-channel unit with electronic speed control. Battery: 7.2V battery (any type)

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