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1/10 Radio Controlled Car Series (ITEM 49190)
R/C Off-road Racer Dyna Storm 2WD
( Limited Edition )

The Return of the Dyna Storm!
Dyna Storm 2WD
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(picture shows fully painted and assembled model).
Rear view Chassis Front suspension Rear suspension Tires
About the Dyna Storm 2WD
Tamiya offers a limited re-release of the high-performance off-road buggy that first made its appearance in 1992. Made purely for racing, this bad boy features a sturdy FRP half double-deck chassis with battery box (battery mounted lengthwise for optimum weight distribution). Double wishbone suspension employs high capacity wheel dampers. Chassis features MDC (Multi Disc Clutch) system for efficient transmission of motor power.

About the Model
Specialized Motor *Model includes new, high-performance motor
This new, high-performance motor employs 14 turn rotors and has been developed specifically for the Dyna Storm. Red and black anodized aluminum brush heat sink may be disassembled.

MDC *Employs efficient MDC (Multi-disc Clutch system).
This system employs a multi-disc clutch system to protect gears and prevent wheel slippage. MDC system pressure can be adjusted while mounted on chassis. Closed gear box houses 0.5 module counter gear and differential gear, as well as 0.4 module pinion gear and spur gear for high drive efficiency. The differential gear is of the LSD (Limited Slip Differential) ball type. Full bearing set employed for reduced drive loss and increased efficiency.

4-wheel suspension *4-wheel Independent Suspension with Long-stroke Dampers
Long-stroke dampers are employed to effectively absorb shock incurred from extreme jumps. The blue anodized aluminum damper case adds a cool edge to the R/C car's form. Double-wishbone suspension features excellent road holding. Turnbuckle shaft on upper arm can be adjusted easily.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 382mm Overall width: 246mm Overall height: 185mm Chassis weight: approx. 1,190g Chassis material: FRP and reinforced resin Chassis type: half double-deck type. Suspension: F/R Double-wishbone suspension. Caster angle F/R: 25deg./3deg. Dampers F/R: Sleeved dampers (short) Transmission type: Rear wheel 2WD (MDC). Diff. gear system (rear wheel): Ball diff. Tread pattern F/R: rib spike tire/spire spike tire. Equipped with special high-efficiency type 540 motor.

Required Items (Sold Separately)
R/C Unit: Adspec GT-1, or FET 2-channel R/C unit with electronic speed control Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack, or 7.2V Advanced Pack

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