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This kit is not designed for novice R/C users. The TRF414 chassis kit should only be used by expert R/C enthusiasts. Furthermore, this chassis is not usable in some classes of races. Prior to entering a race, be sure to check the regulations with regard chassis specifications.
TRF414 Chassis Kit
1/10 Electric Powered R/C TRF414 Chassis Kit/Limited Release Item
Focused on victory in touring car racing, the Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) experimentally released last summer Tamiya's first pure racing chassis, the prototype TRF414X (limited to the U.S. as a test project). It featured a mid-ship motor, belt drive 4WD, carbon graphite double-deck chassis, double wishbone suspension, and a variety of other race-oriented elements. Since the TRF414X was unlike any other previous Tamiya chassis, various subtle modifications to the chassis geometry had to be made. The TRF414X was tested and re-tested at every stage of development, ultimately resulting in impressive race results in both Japan and the United States. Taking advantage of performance data and observation of these races, TRF further honed this already superb chassis. Now, Tamiya is proud to present its finest pure racing chassis to date, the TRF414. Just some of the main improvements over the TRF414X include: modified suspension geometry for lower center of gravity; resin suspension arms, uprights, and knuckle arms for weight savings (formerly aluminum); resin parts made of more durable material; front and center double one-way drive for more efficient cornering; newly designed anodized setting wheel; TRF logo and serial number plate for limited release certification; kit also includes 1g of state-of-the-art anti-wear grease. The TRF414 chassis kit promises a bright new millennium of touring car victories for Tamiya and the TRF.

*TRF 414 on the International Race Scene 5/31



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